We’re finally down to the final five Big Brother: All-Stars and near the end of the game, with a little over two weeks left of te season. Every single Big Brother 22 player still has a shot of winning Big Brother 2020. It all comes down to what each player does in these final weeks. Their route to winning is also unique to them, which makes every remaining win and move important.

This week, Nicole Franzel took over the house with her Head of Household win.  She’s really close with Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo in the Big Brother 22 game. This didn’t really leave her with many other options but a Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett nomination.

However, if Nicole really wanted to create a  big splash, she could make the giant game move and try to take Cody out of the game, but that’s a big swing that could come back at her if Cody won the Veto. Keeping up with this season’s tradition, the Head of Household won the Veto as well. Nicole now has the opportunity to try to take out Cody, but we all know that’s not a move that Nicole is willing to make, at least not this point in the Big Brother: All-Stars game.

So what did Nicole do with her Veto power? Read below to find out.



Nicole did not use the Veto. On Thursday, either Memphis or Christmas will take fifth place and join the jury house.


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