Big Brother 22 Episode 22 Recap: Who Won HOH Tonight?

Last week, we watched as Big Brother legend, Tyler Crispen, was unanimously evicted from the Big Brother All-Stars house by a vote of 3-0. He was sitting next to Christmas Abbott on the block under Cody Calafiore’s third reign. They both ended up in that position when they tried to flip the vote against Nicole Frenzel during the triple eviction event surprising the houseguests in the previous week.

Big Brother All-Stars Nicole Franzel

Tonight, the houseguests will compete to win the next Head of Household competition. The winner will have the task of nominating two houseguests to the block for eviction this evening. With only five houseguests remaining in the Big Brother house, the game is down to the final few competitions. Will a powerhouse legend win the HOH again tonight or will a new victor nab their first HOH win tonight?

Week Ten Head of Household Competition

This Head of Household competition is called Stashing Pumpkins. The houseguests must transfer pumpkins across a teeter-totter to a basket on the other end. If any of the pumpkins fall or the houseguests falls off the teeter-totter, they must return all of the pumpkins to their original location and start over. The first houseguest to transfer all of their pumpkins to their basket and ring in wins the HOH competition.

This is a physically challenging competition that requires lots of balance and lower body strength. As soon as the players think they have control of the game, they lose a pumpkin from their basket and must start over. Nicole and Christmas seem to be catching on quicker than the males in the competition.

Big Brother 22 Christmas Abbott

With only two pumpkins left, Christmas blew it, dropped a pumpkin, and had to start all over again. Christmas is devastated by the turn of events, but she must push on and try to catch back up in the competition. Unfortunately for Christmas, she was unable to ever catch up to Nicole who went on to win her first HOH competition. This guaranteed her spot in the final four of Big Brother All-Stars.

Week Ten HOH Competition Aftermath

Nicole is beyond thrilled with her victory in the HOH competition. On the other hand, Christmas is completely devastated by her loss. She is crying in the diary room. She’s crying in the bedroom. She just can’t stop crying about losing the competition.

Memphis Garrett tried to console her, but she just cried even more. She told him how she can’t believe she was down to just one pumpkin left and lost concentration.

Big Brother 22 Christmas Abbott

On the other side of the house, Enzo Palumbo and Cody are thrilled with Nicole’s win. Now, she can get some blood on her hands while doing the dirty work for the boys. Enzo saved Nicole from the vote flip during the triple eviction, so Nicole owes Enzo bigtime.

Nicole knows that she wants to target Memphis and Christmas. Memphis nominated Nicole to the block for eviction, and Christmas tried to get her evicted. This decision was a no-brainer for Nicole. She hasn’t said which one she wants to target for eviction this week.

Memphis spoke with Nicole in her new HOH room. He promised her that he would vote her way if she kept him off the block this week. He also promised to save her next week. Nicole didn’t think that was enough to offer at this point in the game after he already nominated her to the block previously.

Week Ten Block Nominations Ceremony

As expected, at the nomination ceremony, Nicole nominated Memphis and Christmas to the block for eviction this week. Their only saving grace will be the Power of Veto competition to be played later this week. Join us again this Wednesday, October 14 at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST for the POV results and the infamous BB Comics competition.

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