Big Brother 25 Episode 32 Recap: The Powers Multiply

The Comic-Verse has taken over the Big Brother 25 house this week and turned things upside down. The first challenge was the invisibility of the Head of Household. Jag Bains won the secret power this week and privately nominated Blue Kim and Felicia Cannon to the block for eviction.

BB25 Power of Multiplicity

They each have the opportunity for one of them to win the Power of Veto this week and take themselves off the block. We do not know what twist Big Brother may throw at the POV competition this week with the Comic-Verse unleashed in the house. They have hinted at the power of multiplicity, but what does that mean? We always know when it comes to Big Brother…except the unexpected!

Big Brother 25 Block Nominations Aftermath

Felcicia feels like this was a colossal waste of a superpower. Two duos in the Big Brother house are much more of a threat than her. Cory Wurtenburger and America Lopez could have been put up or Jag and Matt Klotz. Felicia can’t understand why the secret HOH can’t see one of those choices, which makes much more sense.

If Cory is evicted from the Big Brother house, America is trying to develop a secondary ally. She spoke with Blue and to gain trust, she told her that the house is targeting her this week for eviction. America told her that Matt and Jag in particular were coming after her. Blue doesn’t believe this for one minute.

A new transmission was sent to the Big Brother 25 house, announcing a new superpower being unleashed into the game. This power is the multiplicity power and affects the Power of Veto competition.

BB25 Matt Klotz

First and foremost, everyone in the house will be allowed to compete in the POV competition rather than the typical limit of six players. The power has also multiplied the number of POVs up for grabs this week to two. There will be two different POV competitions back-to-back with two different winners. This has serious implications for the game this week.

Blue ran to Jag and told him about Cory and America soliciting her to join their side in the game. Now, Jag is second-guessing his choices for the block nominations.

Big Brother 25 Week Eleven Power of Veto Competitions

This first POV is a familiar endurance competition in the Big Brother world. Players must stand on a small disk tethered to a rope. Players will be lifted into the air and spun around. The longest player to stay on their disk will win the first golden POV.


The last two players in the competition are Blue and Jag. Blue is fighting to take herself off that block, and Jag wants to keep his nominations the same. This was a tough endurance competition until Blue finally slipped off the rope. Jag won the golden POV and the opportunity to win a cash bonus.

The second comp is quite interesting. This one will rely on the houseguests guessing how long Jag can hang onto the bar lifted into the air in a dead hang slowly spinning around in a circle while trying to win his cash bonus. The houseguests must write down how long they think Jag can hang on to the rope before letting go.

BB25 Jag Bains

Keep in mind, that Jag just participated in a two-hour-long endurance competition. That will surely influence his time in the next competition. Also, an important note…the two players coming the furthest from the correct time will be punished. Let’s get this party started.

For every 15 seconds, Jag remains airborne, he will win $500. Jag remained in flight for 110 seconds. He earned $3,500. The houseguest who guessed closest to the winning time was Blue with 105 seconds. Blue won the second golden Power of Veto.

BB25 Blue Kim

Felicia and Cirie Fields were the furthest from the correct time and would receive a superhero punishment. Felicia’s punishment was her being sequestered away from the houseguests for 24 hours. Cirie received the quick change punishment. Each time the house requests, she must quickly change into her superhero suit and perform a different challenge to test the suit.

BB25 Cirie Fields

Big Brother 25 POV Ceremony Plans

Blue will use her POV to take herself off the block. Jag will need to name a replacement for Blue. Next, he can use his POV to remove Felicia and nominate another houseguest to the block. Or, he could not use the POV and leave the nominations the same after Blue comes down from the block.

Matt is all for Jag taking a big swing given the current situation and putting Cory and America on the block for eviction. The question remains whether Jag will have the gall to make such a big move in the Big Brother 25 house this week.

Jag told all houseguests (except Cory and America) that he was the secret HOH. He explained that he plans to put Cory and America on the block. He even confessed to Blue that he was the one who put her on the block. He apologized to her and blamed Cory and America for lying and being snakes. Everyone was ecstatic to learn the plans for the week.

BB25 Blue Kim

According to Jag, Cory and America are too comfortable in the Big Brother 25 house. He blames the houseguests for allowing them to be so comfortable. That’s all about to change when he double-blindsided both of them by nominating them to the block for eviction.

Join us again this Thursday, September 19th at 8 PM EST for the POV Ceremony and live eviction.


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