Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 11 Ceremony Results (10/16/23)

Derek Xiao's Power of Veto

Jag started the week by trying to take the safe route by nominating Felicia and Blue. Blue was his target. However, the double veto competition opened the door for not only one blindside but two of them. After the Power of Veto Competition, Jag decided that he wanted to try to evict Cory this week.

He also decided that he wanted to split up the showmance. The best way to do this was with both of them on the block. Jag told his allies, and eventually everyone but Cory and America, that he would remove Felicia from the block. Blue planned to remove herself. Then, he would name America and Cory as the replacement nominees.

Prior to the Veto Ceremony, America and Cory weren’t warned about their blindside nominations. However, America began to worry that it might happen. Earlier today, Jag confirmed that he still planned to blindside Cory and America. He planned to nominate America first, followed by Cory.

As we saw on Sunday’s Big Brother 25 episode, Jag already told Cory and America that he’s the secret Head of Household. Therefore, they know exactly who to confront and blame for this blindside nomination.

So did Jag stick to his plan to nominate Cory and America this week? Read below to find out.



Blue removed herself from the block. Jag named America as her replacement. Jag removed Felicia from the block. He named Cory as her replacement. On Thursday, either America or Cory becomes the second member of the Big Brother 25 jury.

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