Big Brother 19 Recap: The Week of Big Boy Moves? 7/30/2017

Now that Jessica Graf announced to the Big Brother 19 house and the world that she holds the power to keep herself and Cody Nickson safe from eviction for the next couple of weeks, things inside the house should be very interesting.  The incoming Head of Household , Paul Abrahamian, looked like a deer caught in the headlights after Jessica made the brash announcement, which she hoped would throw Paul off his Big Brother 19 game.  Paul, however, is not buying Jessica’s bag of goods and vowed to make some “big boy moves” in the Big Brother house this week.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Although Jessica made her claim for safety this week, she has made it clear that she does not feel the need to share details with any of the houseguests, especially Paul.  As such, Paul feels as though Jessica is just making a strategic move in the Big Brother game and intends to call her bluff.  Paul has been around the block before in this game, and he is preparing a Plan B just in case things don’t go as expected.  Being that Mark Jansen, and by association Elena Davies, continue to side with Cody and Jessica, Paul wants to make Mark his Plan B target for eviction this week.  He feels that if he can’t evict Jessica or Cody, then he will go after their only solid connection in the house, which is Mark.

Paul privately confronted Elena to see where her allegiance lies inside the Big Brother house now that Cody has returned.  He explained to Elena that because her showmance partner Mark has claimed Cody as his ride or die, she has been pegged as guilty by association by most of the houseguests.  He warned Elena that if she did not verify to the house that her allegiance is not with Cody and Jessica, her game was in jeopardy. Elena shared in the Diary Room that she did not want to be seen as the houseguest picking a showmance over the game and end up looking like a fool. Only time will tell which side Elena finally decides to side with now that the cat is out of the bag.

Big Brother 19 Paul and Elena

The first Temptation Competition was held in the Big Brother backyard and was titled ‘Bowlerina.’  Participating houseguests will spin 15 times before attempting to knock down bowling pins for 15 seconds each round.  Once their time expires, they must spin an additional 15 times to earn an additional 15 seconds to throw the bowling bowls at their pins.  The houseguest to knock down all four of their pins in the fastest time will win the first Big Brother Temptation Competition.

Big Brother 19 Temptation Competition

The winner of this competition will be safe from eviction for the week.  The loser will be the third nominee to the block for eviction this week.  Only Alex Ow, Matt Clines, Jason Dent, and Mark decided to play Bowlerina in the Big Brother backyard.  Mark finished with the fastest time granting him safety this week, while Jason finished in last place putting him on the block for eviction as the third nominee.

Big Brother 19 Block Nominations

It came as no big surprise when Paul called Jessica’s bluff and nominated her and Cody to the block for eviction this week.  Paul is living up to his promise to make big boy moves this week and play the game hard. Soon, the entire Big Brother 19 house will learn that Jessica does have the power to keep herself and Cody from eviction this week.

This week may just be a dud for HOH Paul unless he realizes Jessica is not bluffing. Stay tuned to find out what big boy moves will be made.

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