Big Brother 19 Episode 7/30/17 Preview: Paul Makes Allies Into Enemies

Tonight’s Big Brother episode will be jam packed. On Thursday’s episode, we witnessed an attempt at a Big Brother 19 blindside. The house planned to blindside Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, Mark Jansen, and Elena Davies by voting out Ramses Soto instead of Josh Martinez.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Kevin stopped the blindside by telling Jessica a day before eviction that he thought Ramses would leave the house. Jessica and Cody then scrambled to try to change the votes. In the end, votes remained the same. Ramses became a casualty of a bad Big Brother move.

Elena and Mark were the only players truly blindsided by this Big Brother 19 eviction.

We expect that a main portion of this episode will focus on Elena’s feelings about being betrayed by the house and Paul. On Thursday, Elena had the most trouble adjusting to this deception. She kept her cool, but the frustration was clear.

By the end of Thursday’s Big Brother hour, Paul won his second Head of Household of the season. This Sunday’s episode will focus on how he tries to pull the wool over Cody, Mark, Elena, and Jessica’s eyes about lying to all of them. None of them believed his claims, but he made a good effort.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies

We will see Paul make his nominations. We already know who he nominated, but we’ll see a little more about how he came to this decision.

The most exciting thing about tonight’s episode is the introduction of the Temptation Competition. We will see a selected few people play in it for safety, and one of those people becomes the third nominee.

Tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode will be far from dull. Tune in tonight at 8/7 CST. Going to miss the episode? Then join us tomorrow morning for a full recap.

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