Big Brother 19: Do you Enjoy Watching the Paul Versus Cody Storyline? (POLL)

Big Brother 19 has revolved around the battle between Cody Nickson and Paul Abrahamian. It started even before Big Brother 19 began. Cody made it known in his preseason interviews that he wasn’t a Paul fan. Then, the minute Big Brother 19 started, the war began.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Cody Nickson

Paul and Cody played nice for a few days, until Cody tried to backdoor Paul, but the Den of Temptation Pendant of Protection kept him safe for three weeks. The following week, Paul became the Head of Household and evicted Cody from the Big Brother 19 house.

We thought that could be the end of the feud. However, the Battle Back twist returned Cody to the house. Last week, Cody’s girlfriend Jessica Graf held all the Big Brother power, as the curse recipient, HOH, and POV winner. However, she decided not to take a shot at Paul.

This week, Paul is in power once again. His main goal is to get out Jessica or Cody, once again, if possible. The Big Brother 19 fans already know that Paul’s HOH will suffer a similar fate to Cody’s week 1 Head of Household. It’ll end up being a waste because he won’t be able to get out any of his targets.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Cody Nickson

This means, next week, the Paul versus Cody war continues. Additionally, with the Temptation Competition in the mix, and with Jessica, Cody, and Paul, being the strongest competitors in the house, we may end up with three to four more weeks of these three players going head-to-head trying to take each other out.

Big Brother has had divided houses before, but never has a good chunk of the season been devoted to two players being rivals. For some, this could be a new and exciting dynamic for the show. For others, they may grow rather tired of the back and forth, especially between these two players, who fans seem very divided on with their opinions.

Vote in the Big Brother 19 poll below to let us know your opinions on this Big Brother rivalry.

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