Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Thursday Report – 7/30/2015

Our biggest complaint about the Big Brother Live Feeds the past day or so has been watching the Houseguest targeted for eviction sleep way too much. Hello? Did we learn nothing from Audrey Middleton about shutting yourself away and not fighting for your Big Brother life?

The ladies who lunch… on other Houseguests. (CBS)

Finally though, our most-likely-to-be-evicted Houseguest did get their butt into gear last night and actually start campaigning to stay. Unfortunately, it’s probably too little, too late, even if there was any chance to begin with that they might convince the major alliance players to keep them.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

12:00 AM BBT: Shelli and Vanessa tell Clay that they really do believe Becky is totally good with them, although he is feeling a little doubtful. They talk about who they want to win Head of Household. Clay wants him, Steve, or Johnny Mac. Shelli is okay if one of the twins takes it. Shelli says they can’t use the name Three’s Company for an alliance name because it is trademarked. Vanessa tells Clay he needs to win that HoH!

Meanwhile, bowling continues downstairs, along with doing weird things with cereal. The HoH crew heads down to join the other Houseguests throwing balls at things.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (3)

1:00 AM BBT: Becky practices her eviction speech up in the HoH room. Vanessa tells her it is good. She says Becky shouldn’t even bother to pack because she isn’t going anywhere. Becky suggests that she, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli make an official four alliance. Vanessa says she’s cool with that if they are. Becky thinks they should call themselves The Generals. Vanessa says no one will think they are together because she’s ‘on the other side’ of the house.

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1:15 AM BBT: Jackie tries to hash things out with Austin. She really can’t afford to have any bad vibes going on in the house, even with this guy. She apologizes to him. Austin says he feels like he has a second chance in the house now and he’s just happy to still be here. Jackie says she doesn’t have any problems with him and he says he doesn’t with her either.

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1:30 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz, Vanessa, and Steve about his talk with Jackie and her promise to vote to keep Becky. Austin says Jackie told him she wouldn’t put them up, but he thinks she is just saying that. Steve says he wants to win HoH. Austin says he will totally put Jackie up if he can and she was pathetic and full of BS. Vanessa wants to see Liz kiss Austin like she promised she would if he wins HoH.

Over on the skybridge, Steve has on his very serious face while playing chess with Austin.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (6)

1:55 AM BBT: Jason campaigns to Shelli, but he isn’t really getting anywhere. He tries to convince her that Becky wants to get Clay and Shelli out together in a double eviction. Clay comes in and Jason campaigns to both of them, but we really wish he’d started this right after the Veto Ceremony. Jason knows without Clay and Shelli behind him, he has no chance. He even goes so far to offer them his vote at the finale if one of them makes it to the final two.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (8)

Meanwhile, Vanessa tells Meg she cried when she decided she had to put up Jason on the block. She says she isn’t targeting Meg. Meg says Vanessa is one of the people in the house she trusts and she isn’t a target for her either. Vanessa says that if Jason has a problem with having a job after he gets out, she is going to hook him up.

2:30 AM BBT: Jason is still working on Shelli and Clay. He’s trying to get them to see he is a better person to keep than Becky because he is a bigger target. He offers them up a final five deal with him, Vanessa, and Meg. He says that no one will care if they vote out Becky instead because she has no one in the house at all.

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3:10 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that Johnny Mac said he has a final two deal with him. He denies this. She tells him he really needs to be careful about what he says to John because it gets around to Shelli and Clay. She says he really needs to win Head of Household to prove himself to the alliance.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (12)

3:15 AM BBT: Sadly, Clay and Shelli talk and both agree they aren’t interested in making any deals with Jason. Shelli wants to confront Becky about what Jason said about her wanting them out in a double eviction.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (11)

4:00 AM BBT: Clay and Shelli continue to self-congratulate each other on how awesome they are as they get ready for bed. Clay is sure they are going to win the game. We want to puke.

5:00 AM BBT: Steve is restless, gets up and moves around, goes back to bed.

6:00 AM BBT: All the Houseguests are sleeping.

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