Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 5 Eviction & HoH Competition

On Big Brother 17 tonight, we’ll have our first truly surprise blindside eviction of the summer. Although we can hope for a sudden miracle, it looks almost certain we’ll be losing yet another fun, interesting Houseguest, while the most boring lump of the season gets saved.

Big Brother 17 week 5 eviction nominees (CBS)

We can only hope the next Head of Household will be someone not controlled by the Sixth Sense alliance. If Shelli and Clay make it all the way to the end in this game, there will be a LOT of angry screaming at the television during the Big Brother 2015 finale.

Although it does give the Sixth Sense alliance another warm body, we are interested in seeing the impact the Twin Twist sisters will have in the house together. After successfully surviving five evictions, twin Julia Nolan will finally join her sister Liz inside the Big Brother 17 house tonight as the 17th official player of the season. Especially with Austin still in the house, which still blows our minds how quickly he went from totally clueless target to groveling supplicant in just a few days.

Will there be a last minute save for Jason to keep us from reducing the fun factor of this cast by a huge percent at tonight’s eviction? We don’t think it is going to happen, but you never know on Big Brother. If they suddenly decide to revive the Big Brother Takeover Twist (which seems to have vanished after ALL that hype early on), this week would be a great time for a REWIND!

Our live recap of tonight’s eviction and Head of Household Competition show starts now!

Host Julie Chen announces that tonight the twins will finally be entering the house as individual players after surviving for five evictions. Plus, we have an epic ENDURANCE competition tonight for a SINGLE Head of Household because the Battle of the Block is over! Thank you, thank you, thank you CBS.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Next up we have our recap of the show up until this point, including the big blindside of Jason at the Veto Meeting when he was put up as the Replacement nominee against Becky.

It was the biggest surprise of the summer as Vanessa decided to keep the Sixth Sense alliance intact, by sparing Austin, blindsiding Jason, and in doing so, crushing the other side of the house. Now Jason sits side by side on the block with Becky. Whose game will come to an end tonight? But first…

Jason was shocked to be put on the block, but he wasn’t the only one blindsided. Vanessa tells Jason she didn’t want to blindside him but she had no choice. Jason says in Diary Room that apparently the Dark Moon alliance was a bunch of BS. Say what it is, or take your butt upstairs. He doesn’t need to hear any stupid apology that is shallow as a puddle.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (2)

Jackie looks shocked. She has been working with Vanessa all week and now she feels like an idiot. Austin was supposed to be the Replacement Nominee with a group of eight backing her. Why is she doing this?

Meg is very upset and in tears. She says in Diary Room she couldn’t be more blindsided, angry and upset. She feels lied to in the house and doesn’t know who knew about this.

Becky says Jason is on the block and there is a lot of emotion. She is just going to lay low and hope she gets all the votes on Thursday.

In Diary Room, Jason says this is his life and it means a lot more to him than over people. It’s hard to hold emotions in inside the house. He says he is not going to go down without a fight despite being blindsided. He is not going to roll over and die. He is going to fight as hard as he can, because that is what a real superfan does.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (3)

Jackie says so they were all played. Jason says he was at least. Jackie says she was too because she had no idea. Jason says in Diary Room that everyone is upset… except Clay and Shelli. It dawns on him that Shelli and Clay have been behind every eviction so far. Why would that be any different this week?

Meg sarcastically says that alliance lasted really long, it was great. Jason snarks back, “shout out Dark Moon.”

Austin talks to Jul/Liz alone and asks her if she was nervous during Vanessa’s speech. She says no because she knew what was going to happen. Austin laughs at the face Meg made when Jason was put up. He says he was nervous and shouts out at the camera “one more for the good guys.”

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (4)

In the Diary Room, Austin says his dreams have come true. Somehow he got a second chance in the game. It was a blindside, it was beautiful. Now that he’s safe, the Sixth Sense is killing it and he is going to go far in this game.

Jul/Liz tells Austin that it is there game now and “they” have no chance. Austin says beauty and brains are a deadly combination.

Meg confronts Clay and asks him if he knew. He says Austin was the plan as far as he knew. Meg says that she wouldn’t hold it against him if he knew. Did he and Shelli really not know? He swears he didn’t. (In Diary Room, he says he is stuck between Meg and Vanessa and doesn’t know what to say.) He says maybe Austin made a deal with Vanessa.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (5)

Meg wants to know why Vanessa would she would honor that deal instead of the one she made with the eight person alliance she created with all of them. Clay makes a stupid confused face. Meg says she is sure Vanessa must have told Austin everything. Clay continues to make stupid confused faces and say stupid confused things. Meg makes him swear again that he didn’t know.

In Diary Room, Meg says she needs answers. If “these people” would put together this fake Dark Moon alliance, the least they can do is tell her what is going on. She is very upset at being lied to.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Meg goes to talk to Vanessa and says she is trying really hard not to be personal, so bear with her. She breaks down in tears and says she was excited to work with Vanessa and now she feels like a very dumb girl.

Vanessa stutters and says what happens was that she accidentally stayed in power and some people took advantage of that to get what they wanted. Meg asks if they knew about this before. Vanessa says obviously, Shelli and Clay must feel threatened for some reason. If she thinks she would do that by herself… what a dumbass move that would be.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (2)

Vanessa says if they lie and say they didn’t know, that pisses her off because that is not cool to her. Because they know she is the one in the line of fire and she would never have done it if it wasn’t what everyone wanted. Meg says no one is admitting that and they are flat out lying. Vanessa says that is good for her to know.

Now it is Jackie’s turn to confront Vanessa about what happened. Jackie says she is lost in the wilderness. Vanessa said it just came down to who her gut told her she could trust more. Jul/Liz tells Jackie that Jason was one of the first people to find out about her twin thing and instead of being smart, he told everyone. That really boiled her blood. Vanessa said on top of that, a “big” majority of the house wants Jason to go.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (3)

Jackie asks if Shelli is one of those people in the majority. Shelli, put on the spot, mumbles out that she doesn’t want Jason to go. Vanessa asks her, didn’t she want Jason to go? Flustered, Shelli tries to play it off that of course she doesn’t want anyone to go. Vanessa confronts her and asks if Shelli supported her decision? Shelli avoids the question. Vanessa says everyone wanted it done and when the options were presented, everyone wanted Jason out. She did the best she could.

In Diary Room, Jackie says when she called Shelli out and she started freaking, she knews Shelli was 100 percent on board and that’s shady as hell.

Meg tells Jackie that Clay lied to her face. She is over being upset, she is livid. Meg says Clay, Shelli, Liz, Austin, Vanessa… Jackie says they must be working together. Jackie says it is weird there are a couple of people… every eviction. Meg says Clay and Shelli… Jason comes in. He says Clay and Shelli, he knew they weren’t surprised and he thinks they started it. James comes in and says Jason has his vote, he promises.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Meg starts crying. Jackie starts crying. Jason starts crying. Meg says they are all so stupid. “Why do they keep putting up my peeps? Stop putting up my people.”

Vanessa says in Diary Room that if Clay and Shelli are lying about not knowing she was going to put up Jason, that puts a huge target on her back. That also makes her doubt whether she can trust them.

Shelli says Vanessa is telling everyone was on board with the move to get Jason out. But the only people they are really asking about are her and Clay. Because they are the only people that people are suspecting were in on it. Vanessa says that was part of the risk of making this move. Shelli says people are now going to be after them before her. Vanessa says that is not true and if Shelli thinks she isn’t the biggest target now, she must think she has magic powers.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

In Diary Room, Shelli says this is not a good look for her and Clay. They have done a good job of making strong relationships on the “other side” of the house. So this could hurt them way more than Vanessa. She tells Vanessa that she wishes they had made a plan what to say, because that was so awkward, she wanted to die.

Before commercial break, host Julie Chen says the live vote will be up next, and the twins will finally enter the house as individuals. Plus, she says Big Brother wants to hear from the viewers, so send your videos saying who your favorite Houseguest is to #bbsoundoff. How about, what the hell happened to the Big Brother Takeover?

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Back from commercial. Upset and betrayed, Jason and his allies know who stabbed him in the back, but can they use this information to turn the vote around? Jackie tells Meg and Jason that she wants Jason to stay because he is better for her game than Becky. How do they get the numbers? Jason says they have three (Meg, Jackie and James) and they need two more. James comes out. They consider the possibilities.

Jackie thinks maybe Liz/Austin because they are stupid and they need numbers too. But Liz hates Jason so they would be super hard to flip. (Insert one of the most disturbing images possible of Austin and Liz.)

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

What about Shelli and Clay? If they can convince them the house will come after them and if they can scare them enough… They need to convince them that Becky will go after them. Jason says this is all he has.

Jason works on trying to sell Shelli and Clay a big load of BS. He swears to them that Becky said she is going to put the two of them up against each other. He also says he will sell his soul and his firstborn child. He says he will give them anything they want. He says he and Meg would do a final four with them. Clay says it would piss off Liz and Austin.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Jason says if they save them, they would have Meg, Jason, Jackie, and James grateful. Which is better than being on the tail end of what Austin and Liz has created — a three headed monster with Julia coming in. Jason says he is full of anxiety in Diary Room, and this is his last chance.

Back to Julie and she says being on the block is something very familiar to Johnny Mac, who has been up more than anyone. But are people underestimating the rock star dentist? Back home, his family and co-workers says Johnny Mac is totally acting “way different” than he does at home.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

His family says he is a master of strategy. We have awesome clips of Johnny Mac being totally crazy on the show. Also, how friggin cute is his brother? He says John’s strategy is to make everyone like him, and then stab him in the back one by one.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (2)

In Becky’s eviction nominee statement, she gives a shoutout to her friends and family back in Colorado. She says we have so many strong players in this room. We get ugly, we get intense. But they are all genuinely kind people and that’s what makes this game so fun. It’s so hard being on the block with Jason. They are very different people. He’s wild and she’s basic. But they’ve become very close and his friendship is everything. She has no bad words except his cooking needs work. He’s a great guy.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Jason gives a shoutout to Big Brother and everyone that helped him get there, thank you. Houseguests, vote for the person that is going to help their long term game, and hopefully that will be him. Even if he goes today, he will go knowing he was true to himself the entire time he was here. No regrets, just choices.

Now on to the live vote!

  • Austin does a stunt role on his way to Diary Room and votes to evict Jason
  • Meg votes to evict Becky
  • Liz votes to evict Jason
  • James votes to evict Becky (with a large rat hat on his head)
  • Steve votes to evict Jason
  • Jackie sadly votes to evict Jason (rat!)
  • Shelli votes to evict Jason (that’s enough, he’s out)
  • Clay votes to evict Jason
  • John votes to evict Becky

All the votes are in. Jason has been evicted by a vote of seven to two. Jason hugs Meg, James and (whether he likes it or not) Jackie. He tells everyone they need to play hard and he doesn’t want to watch them be a bunch of lazy farts. The audience cheers and yells loudly for him.

Julie says Jason was totally blindsided. He is a huge superfan, how did he not see this coming? Jason says he really thought he could believe in the loyalty of the Dark Moon alliance. He even said to Meg that he thought they were in a good spot and felt comfortable. And he knows the moment you feel comfortable, you are in trouble.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Julie asks who he feels betrayed him the most. He says it had to be Clay and Shelli. He calls Shelli pure evil. Jason says it was a bad move on his part to out the twins and he should have kept it a secret between him and Da’Vonne. Speaking of evil, Liz is nasty to Jason in her goodbye message, but Meg makes us want to cry she’s such a sweetie.

Now Julie tells Julia that Liz has survived the fifth eviction and so now she gets to enter the house. Julie tells everyone the game has been reset and there will be no more Battle of the Block. Tonight’s competition will be an endurance competition and only one HoH will emerge victorious.

Big Brother 17 Week 6 HoH Comp (CBS/
Big Brother 17 Week 6 HoH Comp (CBS/

The HoH Comp is called “On the Edge” and the Houseguests have to balance on a ‘cliff’ while having freezing water and wind thrown at them. The rest of the competition will play out on the Big Brother Live Feeds, so this is an excellent time to try them out for a week free!

That’s a wrap!

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