Big Brother 19: The Summer of Temptation Twists: Were they Successful? (POLL)

In June, when CBS announced the newest Big Brother twists, we were so excited. The Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation seemed like the perfect blend of Pandora’s Box and Care Packages. Then Big Brother 19 started and we knew there would only be three weeks of the Den of Temptation, or so we believed.

Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation

In reality, the Den of Temptation extended to a summer long twist. It just worked in different rounds. The first round of the Den of Temptation gave three houseguests powers: the Pendant of Protection, Ring of Replacement, and Halting Hex. Each of these powers lead to great television moments and helped alter the Big Brother 19 game.

The second layer of the Den of Temptation came after Jessica Graf accepted the Halting Hex. The Temptation Competition was basically a new version of the Battle of the Block and RoadKill. However, it was a little more exciting than both of those challenges, because it gave an individual the chance to save themselves from being backdoored.

It also put someone on the Big Brother 19 block who may have been safe otherwise. It also forced some strategizing that has been severely lacking this season. The final (we believe) level of the Den of Temptation has come with the Temptation Tree. This temptation allows houseguests to grab apples for prizes or punishments.

Big Brother 19 Tree of Temptation

A few of the prizes could really help someone who is on their way out the Big Brother 19 door, such as the the second veto or cancellation of two eviction votes. This is probably the weakest level of the Den of Temptation, only because it’s purely based on chance, and the remaining houseguests most likely won’t even try to win an apple.

We personally think this season’s temptation theme has been more successful than other ones in the past few years. We enjoyed the changes to the game that came because of these twists. It kept things a little more unpredictable and exciting. Overall, we would say the Big Brother 19 summer of temptation twists were some of Big Brother‘s most successful since Big Brother 6.

So what do you think of the Big Brother 19 Temptation twists?

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