Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Den of Temptation-Final Curse Revealed

Originally, the Big Brother 19 community predicted that the curse for the Halting Hex would result in someone returning to the Big Brother 2017 house via the Battle Back. We did have a Big Brother 19 Battle Back, but that wasn’t because of the curse. We now have no clue what to expect with this Halting Hex curse.

Big brother 19 Den of Temptation Julie Chen

The curses haven’t been that bad. The first curse resulted in Ramses Soto going on the block as the third nominee. He was in no danger that week, so the curse had no major consequences for anyone. The second curse was silly V-Toad costumes for three Big Brother 19 houseguests.

Host Julie Chen has promised that this curse affects the entire house. It’s supposed to be a big one. Along with the Big Brother 2017 houseguests, the viewers have made their own guesses involving the curse. We have heard people speculate that the curse causes a double eviction, or an instant eviction, or maybe a triple one. Others have speculated that it reduces the prize money. Some believe the curse will be a new game for the Sunday night Big Brother 19 episodes, or the return of another player.

We have all been anxiously trying to figure out the curse. Tonight, Julie finally told the Big Brother 19 viewers about the curse.

Major Spoiler Ahead. Proceed with Caution.


Big Brother 19 Temptation Competition

Julie revealed to that the Halting Hex curse is a competition. Players can choose to compete in the competition, but they aren’t required. If a player wins this competition, they are safe for the week. However, if they come in last place, they go on the block and became a third nominee. This competition could really save certain players, and cost a few others.

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