On CBS Big Brother season 12, episode 15 tonight, the HouseGuests receive quite a shock when they find out who has been nominated as the third person for eviction this week by the new Most Valuable Player. No one is expecting who goes up on the block, especially the person who is nominated! None of the Big Brother 15 cast members know it was actually America voting as the MVP this week and not one of their fellow players. The MVP nomination leads to all kinds of speculation and drama inside the house, which is like candy to those of us watching on the Big Brother 2013 Live Feeds!

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The CBS Big Brother 15 show will also reveal the Power of Veto winner for week 4. Thanks to our Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, we already know who walked away with the win. Watching how the competition goes down, however, is always a lot of fun and we know there were prizes and punishments handed out. (We know the results from the feeds, but they save the actual competition to air on the show.) One HouseGuest won a load of cash and another one ended up in isolation, so we know it’s going to be a highly entertaining challenge.

After the last eviction, Big Brother host Julie Chen told the HouseGuests to “expect the unexpected” this week and they’ve certainly had their fair share of it already. Just wait until you see their faces after they find out who the new MVP eviction nomination is. If that isn’t tasty enough, it gets all so much more delicious when the Power of Veto Competition winner is revealed!

The seeds of this week’s live Big Brother eviction on Thursday night are planted and fertilized in the MVP nomination and Power of Veto results airing tonight. So be sure to tune in with us for our live Big Brother 15 recap starting right here at 8 PM ET!

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We start off tonight’s show with a brief review of the last episode and a montage of everyone trying to push new Head of Household Judd to put up who they wanted for eviction. In the end, of course, he chose Kaitlin and Aaryn for eviction. Tonight, we’ll find out who the third nominee for eviction is, thanks to America’s Most Valuable Player vote and learn who won the Power of Veto Competition. The HouseGuests, by the way, still have no idea America is the MVP.

Judd says putting up Kaitlin and Aaryn for eviction this week shouldn’t ruffle too many feathers or put a big target on his back. He says maybe he should have put up Howard like Amanda wanted but he doesn’t want the blood on his hands. Howard is happy not to be nominated but still worried about what might happen.

7-20-2013 10-21-37 AMAaryn says in the Diary Room that Judd calling her a “Texas tornado” twisting his words in front of the whole house made her look bad. She goes to talk to him and he assures her that everything is okay and he didn’t mean anything by it. He says that the target is Kaitlin and she is only a pawn. He says in the Diary Room that he will do whatever he has to in order to make sure Aaryn doesn’t target him next week. He tells Aaryn not to tell anyone about what he said and to “act mad.”

Kaitlin talks to Amanda and McCrae and says she really wants to know if she becomes the target. Amanda says she will and tells her to just sit there and look pretty. Aaryn comes in and says she went up to the Head of Household room and Judd wasn’t nice to her, that he was laughing. Amanda says in the Diary Room that she really doesn’t want either girl out, she wants to backdoor Howard.

Elissa says in the Diary Room that every week she’s been finding out about the same time that she is MVP and it hasn’t happened. She says it is making her really nervous. Elissa goes up to the HoH and Amanda and Judd want to know what is wrong with her. She says nothing is wrong and they keep questioning her. She laughs nervously as Amanda teases her about looking crazy. Judd jokes that he is going to backdoor her ass. She tells them she doesn’t have MVP yet and she is worried about being a target if she doesn’t get the power. She says in the Diary Room that she knows people have been using her for her MVP power and that she’s afraid she will be discarded if she doesn’t have it.

Amanda goes down and cuddles with McCrae in the lounge and says Elissa has been acting shady. She says in the Diary Room that without the MVP, Elissa is useless. McCrae says if Elissa isn’t careful, Judd really will backdoor her.

Spencer and Howard are playing pool and they are trash talking about Amanda and McCrae conspiring. Spencer says they need to just go with the house right now and not stick out. They think they can get Judd working with them. Howard says in the Diary Room that he wants to put together an “outside” alliance to go against McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Elissa.

Howard and Spencer go up to the HoH and they start talking with GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Judd. They talk about who might have won the MVP. Kaitlin says Helen and Elissa think they run the house. Spencer says yeah, along with Amanda and McCrae. Judd says they don’t control him. Spencer wants to know where all of them fit with those four. Kaitlin says Amanda and McCrae lie to her all the time. Howard says in the Diary Room that it is obvious Amanda and McCrae are running the house but he has a plan.

Untitled-5Howard and Spencer try to get GinaMarie, Judd and Kaitlin to start thinking of themselves as ‘outsiders’. Kaitlin says if they just all got together, they would have the votes in the house. Kaitlin says they should do it. They all pound it in to the center to form their own group which becomes the “Secret Alliance” referred to quite a lot on our Big Brother Live Feeds reports the past few days.

Helen, Jessie, Andy and Candice talk about who might have the MVP and they are all worried. Helen theorizes that maybe a person can only win it three times in a row and that’s why Elissa doesn’t have it this time.

Judd calls everyone down for the MVP eviction nominee reveal and the picking of the Veto Competition players. The MVP nomination is revealed on the living room screen as Elissa. Even Aaryn’s mouth gapes open like… what? With a very snarky look on her face, Elissa sits down on the nominee couch with Aaryn and Kaitlin. She says in the Diary Room that she feels like she has been stabbed in the back. Howard says in the Diary Room that he is blown away because he thought she was the MVP. Kaitlin says they really do have to expect the unexpected.

The Veto Competition players are now chosen. The two random players will be Helen and McCrae. They will join Judd as HoH and Elissa, Aaryn and Kaitlin as the eviction nominees. Everyone is basically looking totally shell-shocked right now about Elissa being announced as the MVP eviction nominee. No one understands what is happening. Aaryn is afraid people might think it is her and that puts an even bigger target on her.

Elissa thinks it might be Aaryn, Kaitlin or GinaMarie that put her up. GM comes over to hug Elissa and she shrugs her off and tells her to please stop touching her and then stomps off.

Untitled-1 copyTime for the Veto Competition and it is some kind of election theme with a giant mud pit in the middle with flies all around. Amanda is dressed like she’s a politician in the 70s and all the HGs look hilarious in their suits. Andy plays host.

The HouseGuests have to crawl through the mud to collect sealed ballots and then open them to reveal how many votes they have collected. They can only keep four ballot cards full of votes. So if they don’t like the ballot vote count, they can discard it and go back for another one.

Judd talks in the Diary Room about going to hunt for frogs in the mud, cutting off their legs and frying them up for dinner. By this point, everyone is covered in gross, disgusting, stinky mud. Then production starts up the water spouts to make it even worse. Helen says in the Diary Room that she wants to win so she can take Elissa off the block.

McCrae finds a ballot with zero votes but $5,000 on it. He says he doesn’t even care, he needs that money and he’d rather have that than the Head of Household, so he keeps it. Judd finds a ballot with 18 votes but he has to take solitary confinement to get them. He decides to take it. Elissa finds a 20 vote ballot but it comes with the punishment of not playing in the Veto Competition next week. She decides it is worth it. Helen gets a 10 vote ballot and it has a punishment to have an 8 PM curfew for two nights. She takes it and hopes it is enough.

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Dripping in muck, the HouseGuests finally lock in their votes. Helen gets 29 votes and an 8 PM curfew. Kaitlin gets 25 votes and she’s out. McCrae has 20 votes and $5,000. He says in the Diary Room he could buy 2500 pizzas with that money and that makes him very happy. Aaryn has 32 votes. Judd has 38 votes and snooze alarm solitary for 24 hours. Elissa is last and she has 40 votes and she has to sit out the next Power of Veto Competition. Elissa wins the Veto, which means she can save herself from the block.

GinaMarie says Elissa better watch out next week when she can’t play in the PoV. Judd is so not happy about being locked away from the game play for 24 hours and still not getting the Veto. Howard is worried that now that Elissa is safe, the unknown MVP might put him up on the block as the replacement nominee.

Judd’s solitary confinement is totally mean. He has to be in for 24 hours and he has a really annoying alarm clock that goes off every 9 minutes. Helen whines about not being able to stay up late and play the game and she has to go to bed before her children even go to sleep. Judd gets up over and over and over to turn off this giant alarm clock. It’s horrid.

Untitled-4 copyHoward, Candice and Spencer talk about doing a midnight party for McCrae for his 24th birthday. Amanda dresses up like a dominatrix to surprise his. Elissa starts mocking her and insulting her by saying her one piece bathing suit she is wearing is terrible and she looks like she’s working at a strip club. They all run upstairs and McCrae is set up in a chair wearing Judd’s HoH crown. Howard and Spencer, wearing bandana masks, hold up McCrae’s arms while GinaMarie ties up his feet. Amanda comes in with a whip made out of stuff in the house and gives McCrae a spanking on the bed. McCrae says it was the best birthday ever.

In the Diary Room, Elissa says it was embarrassing and that Amanda looked terrible. Elissa says in front of everyone that if she had to watch Amanda lick whip cream off McCrae she would vomit. Then she’s like, I’m just kidding. Amanda gets up and leaves the room and starts crying in the bathroom because Elissa has been insulting her. She says in the Diary Room that Elissa plays like she is a good Christian girl but she’s just nasty.

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McCrae comes in to the bathroom where Amanda is crying and Amanda talks about how she knows she doesn’t have a perfect body or anything but they helped Elissa and protected her and she’s so mean. Amanda and McCrae hug it out. He says that Elissa is digging her own grave.

Judd is finally released from solitary confinement, much to his relief. He hugs it out with all the HouseGuests as they jump up and down while slugging the beer everyone saved for him. Helen serves him up a plate of food first thing. Happy Judd!

Elissa goes to get her Power of Veto. It’s time for the Veto Ceremony and everyone to find out who is going to go up as the replacement nominee because, of course, Elissa uses the PoV to save herself. She kind of smirks while she announces she has decided to take herself off the block. On the TV screen, the new MVP replacement nominee is put up on the screen and it is… GinaMarie. GM makes a weird face and then kind of Tebow-fist-pumps before sitting down on the eviction nominee couch.

Howard is seriously relieved that he did not go up on the block. He says the new MVP has caused mass disruption in the house. Aaryn says she was shocked by GM going up as the replacement nominee. Kaitlin thinks that GM going up proves that Elissa really was the MVP and she put herself up this week as a distraction. GinaMarie says she is hear to win and that she isn’t going to hide away like a cockroach.

That’s a wrap for tonight. Join us for our live CBS Big Brother 15 eviction show recap tomorrow night!


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