Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Live Feeds Week 4 Wednesday Highlights Report

After all the insane drama that went down on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds on Tuesday, the Big Brother 15 cast just can’t stop talking about Elissa, Elissa, and more Elissa. Whatever happens with the eviction this week, Elissa is looking like one big, fat, mouthy target to put up on the block next time around unless she wins the next Head of Household!

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We’ve had a delightful time watching the Live Feeds the past couple of days with all the crazy stuff going on but even we are starting to get a little bit of Elissa fatigue. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind all that much if she was the one going home on Big Brother 2013 this week! Right now, however, that honor is looking more and more like it is going to belong to one of the so-called ‘Mean Girls’ of BB15.

WARNING: The following report contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and other info that has not yet been aired on the CBS network show. You have been thoroughly warned!

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Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Wednesday Overnight, 7/24/2013

12:00 AM BBT: Kaitlin tries to listen in on Howard, Spencer, Andy and Amanda talking with each other in the lounge. Amanda is pissed about Candice saying she was involved in the whole rumor about Kaitlin being in a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer. Amanda tells Howard that Candice better never say her name again. He says he will talk to her. They go back and forth about whether or not Howard lies to Amanda and he just circles. Finally they are like, are we cool, yes — but they aren’t and they know it.

Amanda leaves and Kaitlin comes in and is freaked out about maybe going home this week after all. They smack talk about Elissa and how she lies about stuff and talks down to people. Andy says Elissa went totally nuts and he’s just been trying to keep his mouth f**king shut.

Untitled-2 copyIn the Head of Household room, which McCrae and Amanda seem to think they own, the two are snuggling on Judd’s bed and talking about how they are used as “scapegoats” by the other HouseGuests. Amanda b*tches about how Howard treats her and McCrae agrees it sucks. McCrae explains how the word “scapegoat” originated in Hitler Germany.

12:30 AM BBT: Elissa continues to go on about Howard and how he is using his “religion” in the game. She tells Candice that it is unacceptable for Howard to swear on the bible like he did and she’s offended by it. Kaitlin tells them that Helen said she might go home because Elissa made Aaryn look like a victim (during that huge blowout you can read about here). Spencer says he just doesn’t know what is going on at this point. Andy tells them about Elissa losing it earlier today when she was bashing Howard for using his religion as a game tactic. Kaitlin says Elissa is a crazy liar. Spencer calls her a lunatic.

Andy and Spencer leave, Candice comes in and joins Kaitlin and Howard. Kaitlin says everything is f**ked up. Helen said she would totally protect her this week after she agreed to use the Power of Veto last week so they could backdoor Jeremy. Now she’s saying Kaitlin might go home. Candice says Helen is only one vote. Kaitlin is worried Aaryn may be safe now. Candice says if she finds out, she will tell her. Howard says he doesn’t think anything has changed except now everyone is going to want Elissa out next week.

Kaitlin tries to count votes. She thinks she could have Elissa, Candice, Howard, Spencer and Andy vote to keep her and Helen should vote with Elissa… so she should be safe, right? (No, she doesn’t actually have all those votes.)

Untitled-3 copy1:00 AM BBT: Candice “Crazy Eyes” tells Howard that she only told Spencer and Jessie that Amanda was trying to stir up trouble. She didn’t think Jessie would tell Amanda but somehow it got back to her. Candice thinks Spencer told Amanda what she said. (It was Jessie.) Candice counts votes and Howard says he has to talk to Judd because Spencer keeps talking about voting whatever Judd wants.

1:30 AM BBT: Helen wants to know how Elissa is doing after all the crazy. Elissa says she is fine, she was just really upset and she wanted to have all the stuff with Kaitlin, Howard and Spencer out in the open. Elissa talks about how Howard and Spencer were in the Moving Company and lied to her and Howard voted to evict her. Helen says it is hard because you want to trust Howard because of his faith but you don’t know what people are really like. She says he isn’t the man she thought he was and he doesn’t even care about Candice, he’s just using her and that’s cruel because Candice is really falling for him. Helen says it’s just wrong the way he treats Candice and tells the other HGs he doesn’t care about her at all. She’s tried to tell Candice about Howard making deals behind her back but Candice just won’t listen.

Untitled-5 copy1:35 AM BBT: Kaitlin tells Andy she is really worried about being voted out. He tries to calm her and comfort her but he is lying to her and not telling her everything he knows. She says if she wins HoH, she is going to put up Amanda and McCrae and tells Andy that Howard said the same thing. She tells him Amanda masterminded the whole rumor that she was in a secret alliance with Spencer and Howard. She wonders why Amanda wants to keep Aaryn. Andy says he has her back (yeah… whatever Andy).

Meanwhile, Amanda and Elissa talk in the lounge. Amanda says Howard and Spencer just go around making alliances and that he controls Candice and makes her say things, like telling people that Amanda was the one who said Kaitlin had a secret alliance with Spencer and Howard. Amanda leaves, Helen comes in. She says the only way they can get Candice back with them is to get Howard out of the game. Elissa does a bit of Aaryn bashing.

Helen steers her back toward the confrontation with Kaitlin and Aaryn. She asks Elissa if she told Kaitlin that the house wants her out. Elissa says no (although she kind of did). She says she just asked Kaitlin about the rumor of her being in a secret alliance and Kaitlin said she would call them out about it. (Actually, Elissa TOLD her to confront Aaryn about allegedly saying Kaitlin was working with them, in front of them. Aaryn never actually said that though.)

2:50 AM BBT: Andy reports back his conversation with Kaitlin to Amanda, McCrae and the gang. Judd cautions Amanda that she needs to chill out and not get aggressive with people like she did earlier with Kaitlin and Candice. They all laugh together about how Kaitlin thinks Amanda made up a rumor about a secret alliance that actually existed.

Untitled-6 copyMeanwhile, Kaitlin and GinaMarie wonder how Amanda knew about the secret alliance and GinaMarie wonders why she was the MVP replacement nominee. Kaitlin thinks Amanda didn’t really know about any alliance, she just saw them together and made up the rumor. (Amanda did know but she didn’t start the rumor.) Candice joins in. Kaitlin says Helen and Elissa are going to go after Howard. Candice says of course they are, he is a “huge black man.”

Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Report: Wednesday Morning, 7/24/2013

9:45 AM BBT: Helen tells Andy that Judd was the one who told her about the secret alliance between Kaitlin/GinaMarie/Spencer/Howard and that she was the one who told Elissa. It wasn’t Aaryn — who Elissa originally accused, or Amanda — who Candice said started the rumor.

Helen says the confrontation with Kaitlin and Aaryn just ended up making Aaryn look better and Elissa look worse. She tells Andy that she told Elissa she can’t keep going rogue or she will end up without an alliance on her side.

Judd joins them and they talk about when they should tell Kaitlin she is going home. They are still thinking it should be right before the eviction. They talk alliances and Judd says he has three currently (more than that!) but only his alliance with them is the real one. Helen says Elissa still says she is going to vote against Kaitlin but Andy and Judd both don’t trust her. Helen says right now they need to worry about the HoH and keeping Howard and Spencer from getting control and backdooring Amanda.

Untitled-7 copy10:40 AM BBT: Judd asks Helen if Elissa won the MVP and she says no, she thinks Howard won it this time. Judd wishes he would get MVP and he would tell his buddies.

11:00 AM BBT: Helen tells Aaryn she handled herself well during the fight on Tuesday. She says they aren’t sure yet if they are going to tell Kaitlin if she is going home before the eviction or not. Judd is feeling lousy about not telling Kaitlin she is leaving but he thinks it would make him a target and she might have time to flip votes.

Talk on the backyard couch turns gross as Jessie joins Judd, Andy and Aaryn while Helen jogs. Aaryn says Spencer talking about Jessie’s breasts and saying how he wants to see her naked is disgusting and makes her want to throw up. Jessie is like eewwwww! Aaryn says Spencer thinks Jessie looks like she tastes like butterscotch. Judd says yeah, he keeps saying that. Jessie says that is really gross and she’s going to never let him rub her shoulders again. Aaryn teases Jessie they are going to call her Butterscotch and Jessie says Spencer better watch out for a butterscotch bomb from his girlfriend when he gets home.

11:40 AM BBT: Aaryn, Jessie, Judd and Andy continue to talk in the backyard. Judd says he is no longer going to tell Elissa anything he doesn’t want spread around the house. They all think Elissa made herself look bad with all the drama yesterday. Aaryn says Elissa is so bad, she wants people to apologize for things she does wrong! (Like Amanda having to apologize to Elissa for confronting her after Elissa called her a stripper.) Amanda comes out and Jessie shares the “butterscotch” Spencer story. Amanda says she hates him so much, more than anyone she has ever hated. More chatter. Aaryn says that Kaitlin and GinaMarie are now buddy buddy and have pushed her out. Amanda says not to worry, that will change in a day or two.

11:50 AM BBT: McCrae comes outside with his pants dragged down low and Amanda says she needs to check himself, he looks ridiculous. Judd says he can’t take McCrae seriously looking like that.

Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Wednesday Afternoon, 7/24/2013

12:05 PM BBT: Helen tells Jessie that Aaryn is not part of any alliance with her, she is just a vote for their side to use. She says that Aaryn will be out before Jury because they don’t want her in there.

12:25 PM BBT: Amanda acts like she is the boss of the world again, directing everyone on how things should go next week with the competitions and the eviction.

1:20 PM BBT: Candice and Amanda talk it out and try to make nice. Amanda swears she will not target her or Howard right now.

2:00 PM BBT: Andy and Kaitlin wonder if there will be a double eviction on Thursday. Andy complains about Judd putting Vaseline in his hair and Kaitlin says Judd is an a**hole. Outside, Spencer makes Jessie uncomfortable by talking about how she looks hot in a hat. More double eviction possibility talk.

2:30 PM BBT: The HouseGuests are now on indoor lockdown. We are hoping production is making an awesome endurance competition set out in the backyard for the Head of Household Competition tomorrow. Amanda, Judd, McCrae and Elissa talk about people having sex in the house. Amanda says she won’t do it because it would be out there forever. (But she will get half naked and make out with and grind on McCrae whenever she gets the chance.)

2:50 PM BBT: Elissa asks if Kaitlin is still the target of the group and promises that she will vote with them at the eviction. McCrae says yes, Kaitlin is still the target.

3:20 PM BBT: Helen says production said they can go back out in the backyard in a couple of hours. We are wondering if that means they will be practicing for the HoH competition. We really, really want an endurance comp…

3:25 PM BBT: Amanda tells McCrae she said in the Diary Room that she was in love. McCrae says he doesn’t say love, he says they are in a strategic alliance. Amanda is like, great, now I will look like an idiot. Amanda says she came in the house with a boyfriend (even those CBS advertised her as single) and she fell in love.

3:35 PM BBT: Amanda and Andy agree that given the choice, they would evict Elissa over Aaryn at this point. (Way to piss off your allies Elissa.) Amanda tells Andy about making a truce with Candice but that she isn’t going to keep it.

3:50 PM BBT: Elissa is worried now that she is  going to go up on the block next week. McCrae says she won’t and he’s more worried about Amanda going up. They talk about what to do if one of the other side wins HoH. Amanda says she has a plan and they will hoepfully get MVP. Elissa says that maybe America was MVP this time and (ding, ding, ding) they saw her name on the vote and just voted for her because they thought they were voting for MVP again, not the eviction nominee. Amanda calls herself the Yoko Ono of the Moving Company and whines again about always being blamed for everything. Amanda says Elissa should never have confronted Kaitlin about her secret alliance and it put Judd in a bad place. Elissa promises again that she didn’t leak anything about their alliance to Kaitlin.

4:00 PM BBT: Amanda says that all of Elissa’s drama on Tuesday put a big target on her back and on Amanda and Judd. Amanda says she knows that Candice is after her but Elissa says Candice doesn’t really care about her that much. Amanda tells Elissa that there was no reason for her to tell Kaitlin that they knew about her ‘secret’ alliance with Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie and Judd.

4:45 PM BBT: Diary Room leak! Nothing interesting though. Just Aaryn talking about wanting some makeup. Shouldn’t be ANY Diary Room leaks though. Come on production!

5:00 PM BBT: The HouseGuests talk about being drunk and peeing on stuff. Amanda talks about someone who pooped in a patio chair when they were drunk. This is the kind of sh*t (literally in this case) the HGs talk about in their spare time. Why are they always so gross? Spencer says if he’s drunk he goes to Walmart and opens the freezers and pees on the food or on electronics in a store. Amanda is like, really? We’re like, really? He says yes he does. We don’t know if we believe him… and we don’t want to.

5:40 PM BBT: Kaitlin says she wants to just give up because even if she doesn’t get evicted, she’ll just be defending herself all the time. Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Jessie and Judd actually kind of cuddle and stuff… She doesn’t want to sleep in that Have Not room!

5:50 PM BBT: More talk of a possible double eviction but Amanda doesn’t think it will be because they are building in the backyard and it would take too much time to take it down in between Head of Household Competitions.

Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Wednesday Evening, 7/24/2013

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