Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 9/1/2016

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight couldn’t be more important to which houseguests are most likely to end up as the final three this season! We are racing toward the season 18 finale only a few weeks away, and everyone needed to be fighting hard to be the houseguest one who won HoH on Big Brother tonight.

Big Brother 19 Head of Household (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Head of Household (CBS)

Absolutely no one in the house is safe right now, no matter what kind of deals they think they have from their so-called ‘allies’. Tonight’s live eviction results should really prove that to everyone still lucky enough to be in the game! It does not matter one bit what people tell you when they are whispering promises in your ear. The whole house can flip around in a day, and leave someone who was feeling entirely safe suddenly the prime target to walk out the door next.

Listening to James and Natalie talk before the eviction show about how maybe they should let the other side of the house win Head of Household tonight just made us want to scream! You should never, ever contemplate throwing the HoH competition this close to the finale, especially when you know how hardcore people have been backstabbing each other all season — including the folks you think are your buddies!

Well, the results of tonight’s live eviction vote hopefully put all those crazy thoughts of letting the other side of the house win out of their heads. We’ll see what happens as the HoH unfolds this evening with the classic egg and chicken wire competition. For the challenge, the houseguests have to slowly and carefully manipulate eggs with their fingers through a wall of chicken wire without dropping them.

Last year, the egg competition spilled over onto the Big Brother Live Feeds. This year, it was a repeat of the same, although it took much longer for the Feeds to be turned on.


The Head of Household Competition tonight was called ‘Poached Eggs’ and involved the houseguests having to move an egg with their fingers through chicken wire. They had to get the eggs to where they could grab them through a hole and then use the eggs to knock over H O H letters to win. They could also put an egg in a ‘Have’ slot to not end up a Have-Not. The first person to knock over their letters won HoH.

The competition was not over before the end of the CBS TV show, so we flipped over to the Big Brother Live Feeds to find out what happens.

8:40 PM BBT: Update — After over an hour and a half of tense (and also exasperating) competition, the houseguest who finally knocked over all their letters to win the Head of Household was…


Victor Arroyo! Yes, Victor is the new Head of Household. We’ll have to see what happens, but as it stands right now, Paul and Victor are in a final four with James and Natalie. So we would anticipate that Victor would nominate James and Natalie to the block this week. Or will he put Nicole up on the block against James? Some fans on Twitter seem to think he might. Hmmmm. That could be interesting. Nominations will be announced at some time on Friday. But meanwhile, the ‘Final Four’ of Victor, Paul, Nicole, and Corey are celebrating like crazy!


Big Brother 18 Week 11 HoH comp:

  • New HoH is Victor!

As for the Have-Nots, the houseguests seem to think that no one is going to end up being a Have-Not this week because Corey put his egg in the ‘Have’ slot, Natalie is a Never-Not, and Victor is the HoH.

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