Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 84 Highlights: Level 6 Plans to Target Each Other

Level 6 has been solid for the past 11 weeks. For the last three or four weeks, Brett Robinson has grown increasingly nervous about his position in the game. For the past two weeks, at least, Brett and JC Mounduix have planned and plotted against Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark. However, they haven’t discussed this plan in details with Tyler Crispen, but JC has made it clear that he wants to take out Angela sooner rather than later.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark, Brett Robinson, and Angela Rummans

Yesterday, Brett finally took steps to take out Angela. He told Tyler that he wanted to try to evict her and Kaycee because that was the only way they could win the game. He said he felt guilty because the girls have been loyal to Level 6, but he wanted to go to the end with JC and Sam Bledsoe. Brett saw JC and Sam as weaker players, so it could increase Tyler and Brett’s odds of winning competitions and winning the game.

Tyler seemingly went along with this plan, until later in the night; he told Kaycee about Brett’s plan. This gave her the motivation that she needed to plot against Brett and JC. As things are shaping up, it looks like Level 6 may finally start targeting each other. The target will depend on whether Brett gets HoH or Angela. Before Tyler told Kaycee about Brett’s double cross, Level 6 had a meeting to discuss double eviction and who should go up as a pawn, in case Sam or JC win Veto, All of Level 6’s target their own plans seem to involve backdooring one of their members.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson and Tyler Crispen

Before the second half of the double eviction can begin, Haleigh Broucher still needs to leave the house.

Haleigh asked Angela for advice on her campaigning. Angela suggested she talk to Tyler to find out who he was going to vote out. Tyler told Haleigh that she was safe. He then got Kaycee to tell Haleigh that she had her vote in case of a tie. Angela also plans to let Haleigh wear her dress, so they can blindside her on Thursday.

If Level 6 really turns on each other on Thursday, we may have an exciting double eviction after all.

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