Big Brother 20: Who Will be Evicted in the Double Eviction [POLL]?

On Thursday, Haleigh Broucher becomes the first victim of the Big Brother 20 Double Eviction. Level 6 plans to blindside the final Hive member, and Tyler Crispen made sure to give her a false sense of comfort this week. Angela Rummans plans to help with this plan by letting Haleigh borrow one of her  dresses for eviction night. Haleigh’s fate seems sealed. On the otherhand, six other players go into tomorrow night’s eviction clueless about their potential fate.

Big Brother 20 Final 7

A few days ago, it seemed almost guaranteed that Sam Bledsoe or JC Mounduix would follow Haleigh out the Big Brother 20 doors. Now, it’s looking like a member of Level 6 will be the next to go. Last night, Brett Robinson tried to propose to Tyler that they target and evict Angela or Kaycee Clark during the Double Eviction.

Tyler pretended to be on-board, but then he told Kaycee what Brett and JC were planning. This seemed to awaken Kaycee’s ruthless side. She now wants to backdoor Brett during the Double Eviction. Currently, it seems like if Angela or Tyler win the Head of Household competition, they will target Brett. If Brett, JC, or Sam win the Head of Household, they will target Angela.

Despite this exciting possibility of a Level 6 Civil War, we’re not too sure it will go down as proposed. We could still see both sides backing out of the plan and just getting rid of Sam or JC. With this new development, who do you think we be the second victim of the Big Brother 20 Double Eviction? Vote in our poll below.

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