Big Brother 19 Premiere Night 2 Recap: The First HOH is Crowned (6/28/17)

Last night’s Big Brother 19 premiere left an explosion on the house. It set a tone that anyone could leave the game at any moment. This makes fighting for power in the Big Brother 2017 game even more important, whiich makes tonight’s head of household competition one of the most important ones of the season.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen Recap

Unlike entering the Big Brother house first, sorry Alex Ow, there is no curse associated with being first HOH, and how it affects the rest of your game. If anything, being the first head of household usually helps it. Winning HOH lets you form strong game ties at the beginning and cut critical deals.

You’re also more likely to be invited into a big alliance if you hold the power. Additionally, the first head of household gets away with moves that would hurt a player later on in the game. Tonight someone wins this coveted title. Will they use their new Big Brother 19 power for good or evil? To find out, read our Big Brother 19 premiere night two recap below.


The episode starts with Big Brother 18 Nicole Franzel entering the Big Brother 19 house to host the head of household competition. For this competition, players have to form a group of four players. Then they need to make it through these vine ropes to pick up apples. Once they pick up apples, they need to go back to the other side. The first two teams to collect all seven apples advances to the next round. In that round, the teams of four must select one person to compete for Head of Household.

Big Brother 19 Nicole Franzel

They face off in a balancing competition: they must try to balance apples on a tree. There is also one catch to the competition: there is a golden apple. If someone gets that apple, he automatically wins himself safety. However, his entire team gets eliminated from the Big Brother 19 HOH competition. And therefore vulnerable for eviction.

Kevin is on a team with Josh, Jillian, and Elena. Due to winning the $25,000, he needs to ensure that he doesn’t win HOH, which means he must sabotage his team. He doesn’t feel good about it.

Meanwhile, Josh has been having a rough couple of days. He thinks the Big Brother 19 houseguests want to target him, especially Megan. When it is Josh’s turn to go on the rope, he grabs the golden apple.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

This guarantees his safety, but makes Jillian, Elena, and Kevin vulnerable for nominations and eviction. Josh then calls out Megan for being a snake. He says that he sees her game and wants everyone else to see it too. During the Josh and Megan confrontation, the pink team swings to victory, followed by the blue team.

The pink team selects Cody to represent them and win head of household. The blue team selects Paul. Eventually, Cody is victorious and becomes this week’s HOH.

Cody then uses his power to form a bro-alliance with Mark and Matt. He then says he also wants to include Elena, Dominique, Jessica, and Christmas. He considers everyone else the outsiders. Before the final round of HOH, Cody and Paul shook hands and made an agreement not to target each other. However, Cody mentions wanting to get Paul out through a backdoor plan.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson

Cody then nominates Jillian and Megan. He tells Megan she’s up for eviction because he doesn’t like her. He nominates Jillian for her association with Megan.

Join us Sunday for another Big Brother 19 recap. We’ll find out who wins the Den of Temptation prize for this week.

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