Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 6/29/2017

The Den of Temptation officially opened on last night’s Big Brother 19. Host Julie Chen informed viewers that they could vote on who gets enticed with the week 1 temptation. This Big Brother 19 twist involved three weeks of safety for one houseguest. This might completely throw a wrench into the new HOH’s plan.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Week 1 Head of Household Competition

Tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode revealed who won the first Head of Household title. After an intense competition, he or she reigned supreme. The first HOH has a lot of power because he or she could set the tone for the season.

Read on to see who won the first Big Brother 19 Head of Household competition.

Big Brother 19 held its first Head of Household competition on the second night of Big Brother premiere week. The competition involved Nicole Franzel reentering the house as host of the head of household battle. The players had to divide themselves inTo teams. The team colors were orange, yellow, blue, and pink, and there were four players on each side.

The players had to move themselves on a vine to get from one side to another. Once they got to the other side, they had to grab an apple, and then carry it back. The first two teams to get all 7 apples faced off for Head of Household.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian Week 1 Head of Household Comp

The first two teams were blue and pink. The blue team had Paul, Mark, Raven, and Megan on it. The pink one had Matt, Cody, Dominique, and Jessica. The blue team let Paul fight for HOH, and the Pink team let Cody.

Cody and Paul had to then try to balance apples on a tree. The different color apples had different size weights. The first player to get all their apples balanced, and then run and hit his buzzer won.

Cody Nickson won the first Big Brother 19 Head of Household competition.

He then nominated Jillian Parker and Megan Lowder for eviction.

However, he might try to backdoor Paul…unless a Den of Temptation saves him.

Big Brother 19 Week 1 Nomination Ceremony

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