Big Brother 23 Episode 26 Recap: Final 8 Head of Household

The last episode of Big Brother 23 left us hanging with the second endurance competition of the summer for the Head of Household. This is a crucial HOH as the Cookout looks to make sure they are the final six houseguests left in the Big Brother game this season. Only two houseguests stand in their way now, Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez.

With the eviction of Sarah Beth Steagall last week, the undercover Cookout alliance moved one step closer to domination this season. Tonight, the endurance competition winner will be revealed as well as the new block nominees for eviction this week? Will the Cookout continue to dominate the game, can Alyssa or Claire stop them, or will the Cookout members turn on one another? Let’s find out tonight on Big Brother 23.

Week 9 Head of Household Competition

This competition is called the Flying BB-inos. The houseguests will stand on a small disk attached to a rope that swings from a carousel. The carousel will swing the houseguests in a circular manner with an obstacle in the way during each revolution, Bubble the elephant.

When a houseguest falls off their rope, they are immediately eliminated. The last houseguest standing wins HOH for this week. The first three to fall will be have-nots for the week, so hang on tight. On a side note, this competition is Alyssa against the entire Cookout alliance.

Also, Claire is only participating to keep her cover as the secret HOH from last week. She knows she is not allowed to win this competition and must fall before a winner is crowned.

The first to fall is Derek Frazier at 1 minute 42 seconds. He is very upset he is out of the competition so quickly. Alyssa is next to go because she became motion sick. She dropped and ran to the back to be sick. Now there are only Cookout alliance members left in the competition.

Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young are the last two remaining players in this HOH competition. During a previous conversation, Tiffany had agreed to forgo winning this week so she didn’t have to target her BFF Claire. Kyland is very confused as to why she is still hanging in there.

Ky asked Tiffany what was going on, and she said she wanted to win. Next thing you know, Kyland is down, and Tiffany is the new HOH. The members of the Cookout are very confused as to why Tiffany went rogue on them.

Week 9 HOH Competition Aftermath

Alyssa is upset she is a have-not again this week. She is also very scared that Tiffany will be targeting either her or her BFF, Xavier Prather. Xavier is none too happy because he knows Tiffany won’t target Claire this week, and she will probably target his BFF Alyssa. That also means he will be back on the Big Brother 23 block again this week.

The Cookout alliance is starting to lose trust with Tiffany after she veered off the course of the group’s plan.

Xavier approached Tiffany with his frustration with the situation. He asked her what the plan was for the week. She said he would need to throw the POV competition because Alyssa would expect him to use it on her.

Week 9 Block Nomination Ceremony

Tiffany nominated Xavier and Alyssa to the block for eviction this week. It is hard to think she has plans to backdoor any of the other Big Brother 23 houseguests. But, this is Big Brother. Anything can happen.

Join us on Wednesday, September 8 at 8/7c for the POV competition.

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