Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 29 Highlights: The Rise and Fall of Another All-Women’s Alliance

Yesterday, Brett Robinson or Winston Hines had his last day in the Big Brother 20 house. The bros and Level 6 tried to think of anything to keep them both in the Big Brother game. They considered making a last attempt to appeal to Sam Bledsoe and get her to use her BB App Store power.

Big brother 20-haleigh Broucher, Rockstar Lantry, Kaitlyn Herman

However, Sam has stated all week that she doesn’t want to use it, so unless Brett or Winston really persuade her prior to tonight’s eviction, one of the Big Brother 20 bros is leaving the house. As another bro prepares to leave the game, the women considered forming an alliance. It already failed.

The F.O.U.T.T.E women tried to appeal to the Level 6 women and Sam to form an all-women’s alliance. Despite their longtime rivalry, both sides did consider the gender exclusive union, but ultimately it didn’t work. Kaycee Clark told Tyler Crispen about the all-female alliance proposal, and the rest of the Level 6 women were planning to tell the men in their group as well.

Bayleigh Dayton also told Faysal Shafaat about the proposal. He then went and confronted Kaitlyn Herman about the alliance, which further annoyed Bayleigh. She wants him to be able to keep secrets if they’re really going to be each other’s ride-or-dies until the end.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen, Faysal Shafaat

The majority of last night revolved around game night. The houseguests played several games, including Categories, Charades, and improv games. It didn’t lead to any strategic planning, or major game reveals, but it did bond the houseguests more, and got everyone to forget their side wars and the game for a few hours.

Despite telling Kaitlyn repeatedly that he would vote out Brett, Tyler plans to blindside her and vote out Winston. JC Mounduix has also been lying to her about his vote. And a few members of F.O.U.T.T.E (Bayleigh and Faysal) are considering changing their votes as well.

Big Brother 20's Brett and WinstonExpect a mad Kaitlyn going into this week’s Big Brother 20 endurance competition.

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