Big Brother 20 Episode 10 Recap: A Bro Must Go

This week’s Head of Household, Scottie Walton, vowed to make the numbers even on both sides of the Big Brother 20 house during his time at the helm.  As long as he or one of his close allies wins the Power of Veto tonight, Scottie should get his wish.  After nominating the Bro’s from the Level 6 alliance, Winston Hines and Brett Robinson, to the block for eviction, Scottie will also finally get his revenge for the week one eviction his ‘ride or die’ Steve Arienta.  Scottie just may be able to kill two birds with one stone this week, and if so, we will have to say goodbye to one of the Bro’s.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson and Winston Hines

The POV is the only way that Winston and Brett can save their Big Brother game, at this point.  Both are extremely competition and athletic, so a physical POV competition will benefit their odds of winning the veto this evening greatly.  Can either Bro make a last minute stand to save their game?  If both Bro’s stay on the block, which one will be chosen for eviction this week?

Deals and Dealings

The Old F.O.U.T.T.E. alliance is dead set on winning the POV so that they can keep the nominations for eviction the same.  They need one of the Bro’s to go home this week before they can no longer catch up with the Big Brother house numbers. If they lose one of their own this week, Level 6 will have complete control of the house for the unforeseeable future.

Winston met with Scottie in the HOH room, at Scottie’s request, to discuss the situation this week.  Winston made it very clear to Scottie that he was coming after him once he won the POV and took himself off the block.  Winston was not nice about it either.  He told Scottie that he better hope he doesn’t win the POV because he will come after him next week and make sure Scottie is the next houseguest evicted.

There is one wrinkle in Scottie’s eviction plan that may throw a wrench into one of the Level 6 Bro’s being evicted this week.  That wrench is Sam Bledsoe’s Power App she won 2 weeks ago and has held onto all this time called Bonus Life +1.  If Sam doesn’t use the power this week, the power automatically is given to the evicted houseguest next week.  Will Sam decide to use the power to try and help save Winston or Brett, or will Sam leave it to fate and let the game dictate how her power will be used in the Big Brother game?

Big Brother 20 Promo

Week 3 Power of Veto

As usual, the HOH and 2 block nominees are playing in the Big Brother POV ceremony which are Scottie, Winston, and Brett.  The 3 other houseguests randomly chosen to play are Tyler Crispen, Rachel Rummans, and Angie Rockstar.  Tyler doesn’t want to win the POV as he doesn’t want to play his cards to the house by saving either Winston or Brett.  He’s trying to remain neutral and keep his Level 6 alliance quiet.  Rachel is also a member of Level 6 and wants to save one of her alliance members.

Angie wants to win to keep Scottie’s nominations the same.  If either of the Bro’s win and take themselves off the block, then Scottie will have to name a replacement nominee to the block.  Best case scenario for HOH Scottie is for him or Angie to win the competition.

The POV competition is based on the new Mamma Mia! movie, Here We Go Again.  CBS announced that the winner of the POV competition will also win a trip to the Greek Isles which is where the movie is based and was filmed.

Big Brother 20 Brett Hines

The POV competition is called Mamma Mia Madness.  Each competitor must spin 15 times under a disco ball and then run to their station and must stack an 8 tier champagne glass tower.  Each 15 spins under the disco ball grants them 30 seconds to stack their champagne glasses.  Before the 30 second clock expires, they must return to their disco ball, hit their buzzer before time runs out, and spin another 15 times.  Let the games begin.  Scottie won the Power of Veto quite easily!

The Bro’s came up with a master plan to save themselves from eviction and pitched the idea to Scottie after they both lost the POV competition.  They suggested to Scottie a super-secret 3 man alliance with a final 3 deal attached.The deal would entail Scottie using the POV and take one of them off the block and replacing one of the Bro’s with Kaitlyn Herman.

The Bro’s claim this is a fool-proof plan that should satisfy both sides of the house including those who want revenge for Steve and Swaggy’s C Williams eviction.  Kaitlyn was the flip vote during the first week when Steve was evicted, and she was HOH when Swaggy was backdoored.  Scottie tells the Bro’s that he will take this under consideration.

Meanwhile, Crazy Kaitlyn had a “vision” that Brett and Winston went to Scottie with a secret plan to backdoor her.  She went to Scottie with her “hit”, and Scottie confirmed her premonition was absolutely correct.  Scottie totally threw the Bro’s under the bus and spilled the beans to Kaitlyn about the proposition the night before.  He felt this was the best move for his game.

Kaitlyn was not able to control her emotions and immediately confronted the Bro’s about their plan presented to Scottie for her eviction.  Brett stood up and owned the idea and completely admitted what he had done to save his game.  Kaitlyn flew off the handle and basically reamed both of the Bro’s a new one and asked why they would try and backdoor her when they were supposedly friends.  Needless to say, tensions are running quite high inside the Big Brother house this week.

Crapp App of the Week

Haleigh Broucher was the lowest trending houseguest in the Big Brother house last week and consequently was awarded the Crapp App.  Haleigh chose the READ IT! app.  We can look forward to her reading Hamlet, dressed in her best Shakespeare regalia, every time Big Brother decides it is time to do so.  To add insult to injury, Haleigh not only has to don the Shakespearean threads, but she must also use her best Shakespearean accent.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

In true Big Brother fashion, Haleigh is tasked with reading the entire Hamlet book…all 494 pages throughout the time of this punishment. Not only does she have to read the entire book and wear the clothing, she must do so in random rooms in the Big Brother house.  She read in the kitchen, the storage room, the bathroom, and even in the shower.  Way to go Big Brother!  The Big Brother fans always love a good punishment.

Week 3 POV Ceremony

As suspected, at the POV ceremony, Scottie chose not to use the veto power to remove one of the block nominees.  Rather, he chose to keep his block nominations the same.  It is official, one of the Level 6 Bro’s will be evicted from the Big Brother house tomorrow night…unless they can convince Sam to use her Power Reward to save one of the Bro’s from eviction.  Come back tomorrow night for all of the live eviction results.

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