Big Brother 20 Week 3 Power Ranking-A Sleeping Giant

One of the beautiful things about Big Brother 20 is that there is no one playing a flawless, or nearly flawless, game. Most of Big Brother 19, Paul Abrahamian ruled the house and the houseguests. For the first two weeks, Tyler Crispen was playing a pretty impressive game.

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However, as the days increase, Tyler’s hold on the game slips away. It’s opeen up the field for any and everyone to have a shot at winning Big Brother 20. For this week’s Big Brother 20 Power Ranking, we ranked the houseguests by their potential to stay long in the game and win it.

14. Winston

Big Brother 20-Winston Hines

Oh what a pretty little lie Winston Hines sold us preseason. Good times. Anyway, as we edge closer to this week’s Big Brother 20 eviction, it’s looking more likely that Winston will walk out the Big Brother doors this week. He just hasn’t been able to establish real bonds, like Brett Robinson, with the other houseguests.

Even if Winston manages to stay this week, we don’t see him doing much to change his situation. In the house, Winston has very bad people skills. Right now, he’ll probably stay until jury, but there is no way he can win the votes in the end.

13. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Herman just doesn’t know when to not speak. Her need for attention is really ruining her game. The entire Level 6 want her out as soon as possible. F.O.U.T.T.E still likes her for the most part, but they know she’s a liability. If Tyler has his way, Kaitlyn should be evicted in the next few weeks. Her spirit guides better get to working if they want to save her.

12. Rockstar

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry also suffers from a similar problem as Kaitlyn, talkstoomuchitis. The bros on Level 6 don’t like her, and Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler would also have no problem getting her out the game. Tyler and JC Mounduix really want her out of the Big Brother 20 house, because she’s becoming a threat to their games.

The best Rockstar can hope for is that others make themselves so much of a target that people forget about her, especially because she hasn’t shown much skill in competitions.

11. Scottie

Scottie Salton was in a great position prior to winning the Head of Household. However, Scottie has provided us with great entertainment (we thank you, sir), but this week, Scottie really hurt his game position. Level 6 ( and by Level 6, I mean Tyler) is starting to see how ruthless and rogue Scottie can be in this game. He’s also shown his intelligence and game capability.

The longer Scottie stays, the more threatening he’ll become. Therefore, Level 6 will want him out as soon as they get a chance. Additionally, F.O.U.T.T.E no longer completely trusts Scottie because he voted out Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

10. Brett

Big Brother 20-Brett Robinson

Brett is likely staying this week. However, he’s still a huge target. He’s proven to be a better competitor than originally credited, and Scottie told everyone why Brett is a dangerous player. They won’t forget Brett’s charming nature when it gets closer to the end game.

In addition, Kaitlyn wants Brett out, so she’s likely to make it her personal mission, one-way or another, to get him out the Big Brother 20 house.

9. JC

JC was doing a great job of not being on anyone’s radar. However, many players have started to see the type of game JC is playing. They’ll let him slide until jury, but eventually all eyes will be on JC.

8. Faysal

Big Brother 20-Faysal Shafaat

Faysal Shafaat seems pretty harmless to most players. However, his association with Kaitlyn, his size, and not having a strong bond with some people on Level 6, will likely make him one of their main targets. If Level 6, especially Brett, win one of the next few Head of Households, we could even see Faysal becoming a huge target.

Faysal, however, is making an effort to create more bonds. He’s also one of the least strategic in the house, so there is a chance that he’ll stay when placed against many of the current houseguests.

7. Tyler

Tyler’s game is getting exposed almost every day. F.O.U.T.T.E has especially wised up to Tyler’s manipulative ways. Sam Bledsoe and Rachel Swindler have also started to see that Tyler is lying and manipulating people in every direction. Tyler has built many strong bonds, so it may take awhile for anyone to really get him evicted, especially with two powers that could potential save him.

However, Tyler needs a big moment soon, or else he could have a surprise blindside coming in the next few weeks.

6. Rachel

Big Brother 20-Rachel Swindler

Rachel has been forming bonds with people not in Level 6. She’s making a conscious effort to play the game. That’s why people think she’s one of the most dangerous members of Level 6.

Rachel being generally likable should help her stay off the radar way past jury. It also doesn’t hurt that she got least trending, because people will see her as irrelevant to the game and audience.

5. Sam

Sam was sitting pretty at number one last week. No one was going to come after Sam, but now everyone knows about her power. This casts a shadow of doubt about whether Sam can really be trusted. We don’t see anyone seriously targeting Sam any time soon, but the power may end up hurting her game more than it helps it.

4. Bayleigh

Big Brother 20-Bayleigh Dayton

Bayleigh Dayton has been doing a great job recovering from the fires Swaggy C set. She’s been using the week to form new bonds, get information, and plant some seeds of doubt. Bayleigh has also been playing up being a free agent, so that both sides feel comfortable with her.

Bayleigh’s biggest obstacle will be Tyler. The more people mention conversations with her, the more Tyler will start to see that she’s playing the game hard. It also won’t help her if and when people learn that she was the third person to get the power.

Luckily, there are many targets way ahead of Bayleigh at the moment.

3. Haleigh

Haleigh Broucher was becoming a little bit of a target last week. People saw how she was trying to remain loyal to F.O.U.T.T.E but also toy with the idea of working with Level 6. However, like America, no one is talking that much about Haleigh this week. If anyone wants to attack the Rockstar and her duo, Rockstar will likely be the target. If they target F.O.U.T.T.E, almost every member of the group would go before her.

Getting the “Read It” punishment has also made her seem less of a threat because she hasn’t done anything to warrant America’s love. Haleigh should be able to stay in the background at least until jury.

2. Angela

People have mentioned targeting Angela because she still has the physical threat stigma. If Angela plays this week’s possible endurance competition smartly, she should be able to end that stigma. Then she can float on by to the final two.

1 Kaycee

Big Brother 20-Kaycee Clark

People really like Kaycee Clark. They want to work with her, and no one has her on their target radar. The only thing that could hurt Kaycee at this point is winning any sort of major competition. She needs to stay in the background, so she’ll end up winning the whole thing.

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