Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 28 Highlights: Campaigning and Climbing, Both Don’t End Well

After a few days of Big Brother 20 craziness, yesterday the houseguests kept it chill. We had no major reveals, fights, or vote flips. The Big Brother 2018 bros, Winston Hines and Brett Robinson, spent the day campaigning for their game. They kept it civil by not throwing each other under the bus. Instead they just tried to argue their game strengths, and how they could help different players.

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry

No one did better or worse, but the Big Brother houseguests seem to switch their decision each day. Currently, Brett seems to be the one who will stay this week. Expect some fireworks if this happens.

After Kaitlyn Herman and Brett’s major fight, she wants him out. Kaitlyn is also very offended that Brett made fun of her psychic abilities during his Power of Veto ceremony plea. She keeps saying anyone who is really her friend wouldn’t keep Brett in the game after the way he treated her.

She even tried to confirm that the votes were going her way. Tyler Crispen agreed to vote out Brett, but he’s been working behind the scenes to secure the votes for Brett to stay. Sam also got in Faysal Shafaat’s head a little, and he was considering voting out Winston too.

Big Brother 20-Faysal Shafaat and Sam Bledsoe

After avoiding her for about a day, Brett and Kaitlyn finally spoke. She wanted an apology and a name. She tried to get Brett to reveal the name of the person who told him to throw her under the bus. He refused to confirm it. Kaitlyn even told him that she knew JC Mounduix gave him that advice because Bayleigh Dayton told her. Brett still didn’t give her JC’s name.

Kaitlyn even promised to vote for him to stay if she got the name. Brett still refused. He didn’t want another explosion in the Big Brother house. Haleigh Broucher and Bayleigh discussed trying to backdoor Tyler. Bayleigh and Rockstar also discussed backdooring Tyler or Kaitlyn.

Sam also confirmed that she will not use her Power app this week, so expect it to automatically go into play next week. Speaking of BB Store Apps, Haleigh finished her “Read It” Crap App today. Hamlet remained in the house for a little while.

Big Brother 20 Winston Hines, Brett Robinson, Kaitlyn Herman, Angie Rockstar LAntry

There was a funny moment in the house yesterday when Angie “Rockstar” Lantry climbed the rock climb wall, and then got stuck because she was afraid to come down. Rockstar had another funny moment where she became convinced that JC had a power.

While he slept, Rockstar asked him about his power. He told her he had it and how long he could use it. He later told others that he just did that to mess with her, but she thought it was real. She went around telling people that he had it for sure.

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