Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 73 Highlights: Bitter Alex Prepares for Goodbye

Today, the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds shut down until Wednesday after the first live eviction of the week airs. Yesterday, we didn’t get much to leave us excited about the return of the feeds. We’re at that time in Big Brother where not much is happening. Everyone on Big Brother 19 has already planned and prepared for the end game.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

For Alex Ow, she believes she doesn’t really have an end game. Despite Josh Martinez wanting to flip the game to save her over Kevin Schlehuber, Alex doesn’t believe anyone anymore. She’s so set on being bitter that she’s not even fighting for her Big Brother 19 game. The minute she learns that today is the eviction, she won’t even have time to fight for it.

Alex spent most of her final day in the Big Brother 19 house sulking about her fate. She kept calling everyone counterfeit, and she read the bible and cursed people for ther betrayal. Alex did, also, speak to the camera to tell a few evicted houseguests that they were right about Paul Abrahamian all along (insert a big duh here).

Alex didn’t want to feel like her Big Brother 19 game was for nothing, so she begged Live Feed watchers to reward her with an America’s Favorite Player prize. We don’t see that happening.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian

Christmas Abbott, Paul, and Josh spent a major part of the day lounging around and just talking about the season. We guess they’re prepping for the final three clip show. Their few actual game conversations revolved around how to approach the angry Alex, and whether to split the votes.

They haven’t completely decided yet on the vote split or not, but they’ll need to decide quickly, since they only have a few hours before her or Kevin’s eviction. They also took some time to discuss Kevin. They’re still plotting to rattle him tonight before the Head of Household competition.

Meanwhile, Kevin actually started to feel confident about his game. He talked to us about how he was going to turn it up these next few evictions. He wanted to win and make it to the final three. He would say his lack of wins was all part of a strategy to amp up his game at the finals. Kevin didn’t think he played a good physical game but felt his social game was great.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

As you all know, the feeds go down tonight until Wednesday night. We may not have a daily live feeds update for tomorrow. It depends on how long the feeds stay on today, and if anything of importance occurs.

We will, however, probably know the results of tonight’s eviction, the Head of Household, and Power of Veto results before the feeds return. We will keep you updated on all those if they leak early.

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