Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household For Week 7? [UPDATE]

We could love anything more than a barrel of Big Brother spoilers from a Double Eviction night! Honestly, how can you not love a whole week of BB16 all shoved into one insane one hour show? No time to get bored here, it’s a speed race of insanity and you just have to hold on for the ride!

Big Brother 2014 Cast (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 Cast (CBS)

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight and got to pick the first set of nominees for the second live eviction? Which Big Brother 2014 cast member reigned supreme in the second Head of Household Competition and will be the power in the house for week 7? We have all the Big Brother 16 spoilers for you from this week’s eviction results show!

After the shocking first live eviction results of the night with Jocata going home, it was on to the first Head of Household Competition. Hayden and Nicole had been anticipating being on the ruling majority side of the house after convincing everyone to vote out Zach this week. Instead, they were left scrambling in fear when the house vote flipped on them and left them as the outsiders with huge targets on their backs.

First Head of Household Competition:

For the first HoH challenge of the night, the Houseguests had to answer quiz questions about their time on the show with less than, more than, or exactly answers. After the comp had barely even started, it was down to Caleb, Zach, and Christine very quickly. Then it was just Christine and Caleb. Finally, Caleb got it right and Christine got it wrong. Caleb was the first HoH winner of the night.

On the last question, Caleb gets the answer right and Christine gets it wrong. Caleb wins and everyone freaks out. Caleb body bumps with Zach, Frankie jumps on his back and everyone runs into the house for Nominations. Frankie does a split leap as he runs through the kitchen. Zach lays down on the couch and says to wake him up when the show is over.

After the competition, Caleb puts up Donny and Hayden as the eviction nominees. But Donny goes on to win the Power of Veto Competition and save himself from the block. Caleb then puts up Nicole as the replacement nominee

At the second live eviction of the night, the Houseguests (except Cody and Donny) vote to evict Hayden. Hayden joins Jocasta as the second Houseguest in the Jury house.

Second Head of Household Competition Results:

We did not get to watch the second HoH challenge of the night on the Live Feeds, but when they came back on after the comp, we quickly learned who won.

Once again we are back to a double HoH for this week after the special single one for the Double Eviction show. We don’t know exactly how it all went down, but the winners of the second HoH challenge of the evening ended up being Nicole and Christine.

This is exactly what the Detonators did NOT want to happen. They know that Nicole is going to come after their members when it comes time for nominations. They could end up with two of their members on the block come eviction time. We are thinking Nicole is most likely to go after Frankie as her ultimate target, with Zach as a secondary target.

Christine is part of The Detonators, but they don’t trust her and for good reason. We think that she could very well backstab them and try to work behind their backs with Nicole if she feels like it would be better for her game. However, Nicole doesn’t trust her one bit either and Christine herself could end up in danger if she doesn’t come out on top in the Battle of the Block.

More coming soon… just waiting on the second HoH Comp on the Live Feeds.

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