Big Brother 19: Power of Veto Ceremony Results (09/11/17)

This Big Brother 19 week, we have two eviction back-to-back. Unlike last week’s double eviction, these evictions occur on two different nights, and the competitions play out over a couple days. Tuesday, the final 5 Big Brother 19 eviction occurs. The Live Feeds go down. Then we will have a Head of Household competition that night, and the Power of Veto competition playing out early on Wednesday. To get us from final 5 to final 3 by Thursday night, we first have to get to this week’s POV ceremony.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

As you know, on Saturday Paul Abrahamian won the competition. If Paul felt he had a choice, he wouldn’t have won it. However, he knew he couldn’t count on Christmas Abbott, Kevin Schlehuber, or Josh Martinez to win this POV over Alex Ow. Apparently the competition was very close and Paul barely beat her.

Now that Paul has the power, he can only do one thing: not use the veto. Using the veto hurts his game because it results in Alex staying. It also angers all his other allies, especially Kevin who would go home on Wednesday instead. Paul has already started working to cover his butt.

He tried to blame Christmas, Kevin, and Josh for him not using the veto to save Alex. Alex was pissed but still plans to vote for Paul if he makes it to the finals. She even said she would work on his behalf to sway a few of the other votes.

So did Paul follow through on his Big Brother 19 plan to not use the veto?



Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

Yes, Paul did not use the veto. This means either Alex or Kevin will leave the Big Brother 19 house on Wednesday night.

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