Who Won Power of Veto On Big Brother Week 11? 09/09/17

Right now, the Big Brother 19 Misfits are steamrolling their way to $0, $50,000, and $500,000, who gets what all depends on the final results of the Big Brother final Head of Household. Despite how well things are going in the moment, there are two more evictions that can rock the game. Kevin Schlehuber may seem like a weaker competitor but one Big Brother 19 competition win is all he needs to stir up the game.

Big Brother 19 BBComics Julie Chen

On the other side of the coin, we have Alex Ow. Alex has been seen as a strong Big Brother 19 competitor, so she could easily win today’s Power of Veto competition. This completely throws Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, and Paul Abrahamian’s plans out the window.

If Alex starts to competition beast her way to the finals, this could turn the game into a guaranteed Alex win. The only chance she doesn’t win will be if the houseguests realize (rightfully) that Paul deserves the win more than her for manipulating the houseguests all season. However, this bunch of jurors already seem bitter, and a lot of them respect Alex’s game.

If she makes it to the finals with anyone, we could definitely see Alex taking home the whole game. This means that it is critical anyone but Alex wins this Power of Veto competition to ensure that she goes home.

The BBComics will definitely go either in Paul’s favor or Alex’s favor. We think Josh will probably have a chance to win, because he’s smart enough, but Alex and Paul are smaller in terms of height, so they’ll probably be able to maneuver on it quicker.

So who won this critical Big Brother 19 Power of Veto ceremony? Read below to find out.



This week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto winner is…Paul Abrahamian.

Big Brother 19 BB Comics


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