Big Brother 19 Week 10 Alliance Update: The Misfits Getting Closer to Final Three 9/6/2017

With only two weeks left inside the Big Brother 19 house before the live grand finale, Paul Abrahamian and his minions have set the stage for a run at the final three Big Brother 19 players. Paul and his two closest allies, Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott, have finally given their alliance a title, and have named themselves the Misfits. After this week’s Big Brother double eviction episode, Paul and company will only have to disperse of two other houseguests to make their long planned final three schematic come to fruition.  Do they have what it takes to bring it home?

Big Brother Paul Abrahamian

Another week has gone by in the Big Brother 19 house, and this has been another week of Paul manipulating his minions into doing exactly what he needs from them. Somehow this season, Paul consistently manages to get his dirty work done by other houseguests, while getting no blood on his hands. This puts him in a great position with the jury votes. There was a minor snag in his plan this week when Josh started to see the light.

Paul has set up the game this week for Christmas, the current Head of Household, to be the one with all the blood on her hands when she casts the tiebreaker vote to evict Jason Dent.  Josh, of all people, managed to see how this plan benefitted Paul’s game plan, but did nothing to help his game and Christmas. In typical Paul fashion, he managed to convince Josh all was well with the plan. He then even solicited the assistance of Christmas to help calm Josh’s fears. Paul worked his magic yet again this season with the feeble-minded houseguests.

Raven Walton was put on such a high pedestal by her showmance partner, Matthew Clines, that she actually believes she is Paul’s final two in Big Brother 19.  Even to Julie Chen’s surprise, Matt bragged during his eviction interview that Raven was more than capable of winning Big Brother 19. If Raven did have a shot (which she never has) of winning BB19, she definitely blew it when she told everyone she has ‘Rough Kneecap Syndrome.’ Does anyone think Raven will see the error of her ways when she watches this season of Big Brother?  One can only hope.

Big Brother 19 Alliance Deals
Courtesy of @89razorskate20

Then we have poor little Alex Ow who has been totally bamboozled by Paul this season. While Alex is certain that she is Paul’s final two, she will most likely be evicted this Thursday during the double eviction. She will leave the house right after her ride or die, Jason, walks out the door.  Alex played a good game, but she let Paul control her way too much. Her partner Jason tried to stand up for himself and not let Paul or anyone control his gameplay. His firm stance last week is what has him walking the plank this week.

Lastly, we have clueless Kevin Schlehuber in the Big Brother 19 house. Kevin, more than any other houseguest, has just kicked back and done exactly what Paul has asked him to do all season.  Paul controls Kevin so much, at this point, that Paul can ask Kevin to throw competitions, and he will agree to do it with no explanation other than a “trust me.”  Kevin hasn’t managed to win one comp this summer (neither has Raven). He is sure that he is going to the final two with Paul, and that may just be the best pick for Paul instead of Josh or Christmas. At least Josh has won something for himself and Christmas too.

There is no arguing that Big Brother 19 will do down in the history books as the season of Paul. He has been in control of that house since day one, literally.  Although I am not a big fan of this season’s gameplay, it’s hard not to say Paul deserves to win. When one person can manage to convince an entire house of people to do whatever he says for an entire summer, they deserve respect.

Can anyone, at this point, dethrone Paul?

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