Big Brother Spoilers: Final Four Houseguests Revealed! 9/15/2015

Our Big Brother spoilers recap tonight will bring us the reveal of the final four of season 17. We’ve been faithfully watching all through one of the longest seasons of the show ever as the Houseguests picked each other off one by one. Now it’s time for the best players of Big Brother 2015 to face off and find out who will be battling it out in the final week!

Big Brother 17 Julie Chen
Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen (CBS)

On this evening’s special Tuesday eviction show, we’ll find out who got evicted on Big Brother tonight and which Houseguest will have a guaranteed spot in the final three as winner of the Head of Household Competition. We’ll follow this up with another eviction on Wednesday night before the final three Houseguests begin the last round of competitions of the season.

The actual eviction and Head of Household Competition already took place, but because the Big Brother Live Feeds have been down for 36 hours, we haven’t had any spoilers on what happened. Last year we had a Live Feeds leak that gave us the Big Brother spoilers in advance, but we had no such luck this year.

If you want to know who won Power of Veto and what took place at the PoV Ceremony, we do have the Big Brother spoilers for those results. Or just follow along in our live recap to get the whole scoop as Tuesday’s show unfolds!

Host Julie Chen says it’s time to throw a wrench at the Houseguests with a surprise eviction episode, but it really isn’t a surprise. With five Houseguests left and only a week before the finale, they had to know there would be another eviction thrown in there, and they had to prep for it. So it wasn’t like a shock to them it was going to happen. But okay Julie, you just hype that up anyway.

The Houseguests do their best to ‘act’ all surprised over the surprise eviction, but it’s not very good acting really. Let’s also not forget, TV viewers, that this show is not actually a ‘live’ show really happening in one hour. All this was taped on Monday and is just being aired now.

Vanessa says that Johnny Mac is her main target because he’s not a good choice to take to the final three as someone who has never won an HoH. Vanessa says she feels bad about having to put up Steve. She goes and cries to Steve with some of the worst crocodile tears ever about putting him up. He forgives her and tells her it is okay, but in Diary Room he can’t help but wonder if she’s not crying and acting sad to manipulate him.

Big Brother 17 1

Johnny Mac offers to Austin and Liz that he will throw the Power of Veto to them if they will keep him safe. In Diary Room he says he is telling them whatever he has to in order to survive. He tells them that they don’t even have to really take the offer, he might just throw the comp to them anyway.

In Diary Room, Austin has no idea what the hell Johnny Mac is doing. Austin tells Vanessa about what Johnny Mac said. Either Johnny Mac has gone crazy, or Austin says he has “become one with Judas.”

Vanessa totally looks shocked that Johnny Mac would say he would throw the Veto and says please and thank you yes!

Power of Veto Competition:

Vanessa as the host of the PoV Competition reads a big commercial about CBS’ Life In Pieces TV show, which they get to watch. We are forced to watch a short preview for the show as well, as CBS goes meta and advertises itself within it’s own reality TV program. The Houseguests react like it’s the best thing ever in the world, of course, because that’s what they are paid for.

Out in the backyard, they have a whole Life In Pieces themed Power of Veto setup. They have to collect a giant Life In Pieces puzzle. If they miss hitting their buzzer at the right time, their board will demagnetize and their puzzle will fall apart. If they fall off the balance beam they have to run across, this will also happen. If they don’t hit their buzzers before their timer expires, they are out.

Big Brother 17 1

Vanessa wants the nominations to stay the same so she doesn’t have to put up Liz or Austin. Johnny Mac says in Diary Room that he could throw the comp to Liz and Austin, hoping they will keep him safe. Or if Steve looks like he is going to win, he will have to take him out. He’ll just have to wait and see.

Vanessa is the first out as she forgets to hit her buzzer in time. Johnny Mac puts his puzzle together in the bin holding the pieces, so that he can just put it all up at once when he needs to. That way he doesn’t have to worry so much about running back and forth to hit his buzzer in time and all his pieces falling down.

Liz seems to be doing very well and Johnny Mac thinks maybe he can just throw it to her, but Steve is also getting too close for comfort. So he throws up his puzzle pieces and runs for his buzzer. He gets it done and he’s the winner of the Power of Veto again! Vanessa will have to put up either Liz or Austin as her renom and choose a new target.

Big Brother 17 1

Austin says in Diary Room that not only did Johnny Mac not throw the comp, he went and won it! So now he has to get with Vanessa and make sure he or Liz aren’t going to end up being the new target.

Flip to the next page for more in our recap and to find out who got evicted and who won Head of Household!

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