Who Was Evicted On Big Brother 25 Tonight? (9/7/23)

Jared Fields barely won Head of Household this week in the Big Brother 25 house, but he still wanted to finally evict Cameron Hardin after his third time on the block. Cameron has other ideas on how his Big Brother week would end. He won the “Tiny” Power of Veto competition and took himself off the block.

BB25 Eviction

Faced with naming a replacement nominee to sit next to Red Utley, Jared was torn. He considered America Lopez because he heard she was gunning for him and his allies. After all, he chose Jag Bains to target this week and placed him on the block with Red. Jag’s departure would place the least blood on Jared’s hands.

Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Meeting Aftermath

Jag offered his alliance, Seven Deadly Sins, to be the block’s pawn to target Red this week unsuspectedly. Jag didn’t know that he was the target all along, thanks to plans set in motion by Cirie Fields.

The Legends 25 alliance met to discuss statics for the week. They agreed they were still on board to target Jag. Red, in particular, was happy to hear this news while sitting on the block.

As soon as they were happy with their decision, Red started talking about rekindling his relationship with Cameron. That would be toxic for most of the Big Brother 25 house members. The majority alliance is unclear on which target would benefit them this week.

Big Brother 25 Week Five Live Vote and Eviction

Cameron voted to evict Jag
Bowie Jane voted to evict Jag
Blue Kim voted to evict Red
America voted to evict Red
Matt Klotz voted to evict Red
Cirie voted to evict Red
Izzy Gleicher voted to evict Red
Cory Wurtenberger voted to evict Red
Felicia Cannon voted to evict Red
Mecole Hayes voted to evict Red

BB25 Red Utley

By a final vote of 8 to 2, Red was evicted from the Big Brother 25 house. During his exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Red said he felt Felicia had much to do with his eviction. He feels the most betrayed by Cameron as he was his ride-or-die. Julie asked him why he didn’t confront Cameron about the accusations from Jared, and he had no good answer.

Big Brother 25 Week Six Head of Household Competition

Julie announced a transmission from the Humila-verse, stating it was Humila-verse week. The houseguests will face humiliating competitions all week and humiliating consequences, starting with the HOH competition.

This week’s HOH competition is called Name That Toot, and here is how it works. The houseguests will be shown a video in each round and asked a true or false question about what they just watched. If they answer incorrectly, they are eliminated from the competition. The last houseguest standing after seven questions will win HOH.

BB25 HOH Competition

After five rounds, only Izzy, Cameron, and Cory are still on the hunt for HOH. Cameron won the HOH competition for the second time in the sixth round. Things are about to get crazy inside the Big Brother 25 house. Who is Cameron going to target this week for eviction? Join us for the block nominees on Sunday, September 10th at 8 PM.


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