Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 80 Highlights: Kaycee Keeps Level 6 Together

This Big Brother 20 week is already starting off slow. We knew once Kaycee Clark won the Head of Household competition, there wouldn’t be much game excitement going on in the house. It looks like we were right. The most excitement for yesterday’s Big Brother 20 Live Feeds came via past houseguests entering the house to help celebrate and execute a surprise engagement.

Big Brother 20 Level 6

The houseguests mentioned how excited they were to meet so many of the former houseguests, especially Big Brother 16’s winner Derrick Levasseur. They regretted that they didn’t get to clean the house more or dress up for the engagement. They also mentioned that it was a little awkward having conversations with the past houseguests because they couldn’t really talk about anything happening outside the game. They also had to avoid outing any important game details.

The chats ended up being about random facts about the players.

Kaycee didn’t really use yesterday to make any deals or anything of that nature. She just had two important game talks, both with her nominees. Haleigh Broucher made a pitch to stay off of the block by saying how close she has gotten with Kaycee and everyone.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Brouucher, JC Mounduix, and Brett Robinson

Kaycee just used the meeting to let Haleigh know that she was going on the block. Her meeting with Sam Bledsoe revolved around her letting Sam know that she was going on the block too, but she made sure to let her know that she was a pawn. Kaycee didn’t give Haleigh a clear message about whether she was the target or the pawn, but Haleigh knew she was probably the target. She even decided to not unpack.

Tyler Crispen mentioned to Kaycee that JC Mounduix and Brett Robinson were becoming a problem. He talked about how they even made the same pitches and brought them the same info. Kaycee agreed but didn’t seem willing to do anything about that duo this week. She was committed to going to the final five with them.

Big Brother Tyler 20 Crispen and Kaycee Clark

Late at night, the Big Brother houseguests received an alcohol delivery. This is the fourth one within the last week, which seems to be a record for the last few seasons. The alcohol brought out the horny side of Angela Rummans and Tyler, who made out under the covers later that night.

Today, it all comes down to the Power of Veto competition. Most of the houseguests are very determined to win it, to either win safety or keep the nominations the same. It should be an interesting Power of Veto battle.  It’ll be Haleigh’s last hope to stay in the game.

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