Who Was Evicted Tonight On Big Brother All-Stars? (9/24/20)

Week seven inside the Big Brother All-Stars house started as all others this season have… with the house majority alliance in control. Once Memphis Garrett won this week’s Head of Household competition, fans knew things would probably end as they have all season. But Memphis had a solid plan to backdoor David Alexander, that is until Tyler Crispen worked some Big Brother magic and helped to change his mind.

Big Brother All-Stars Eviction

Kevin Campbell and Da’Vonne Rogers were nominated to the block this week as mere pawns in Memphis’ ultimate backdoor plan. They were even told that they would be safe and to have no worries. Then Tyler won the Power of Veto and everything changed. He went hard to work convincing Memphis that Day was working with their own alliance members, Dani Donato and Nicole Franzel. That was enough to scare Memphis into targeting Day this week and leaving David for another fight. Will Memphis stick to plan B now that the POV was not used to backdoor David?

Week Seven Power of Veto Fallout

The BB house is onto the alliance between Dani, Day, and Nicole…even Christmas Abbott. Day and Kevin are upset the veto wasn’t used to backdoor David, but Day had already called out Tyler at the POV Ceremony. She knew that the veto wasn’t going to be used. Kevin knows he has a 50/50 chance of staying in the house. He has already beat the block and eviction three times already this season. Is his luck finally running out or can he be saved yet again?

Day is speaks in the diary room how there are not any other Big Brother winners that look like her…and she is EXACTLY right. Having an African-American winner in this reality show is long overdue, actually 22 seasons overdue. Day explains how her mom raised a strong black queen and she needs to stand up for herself in the house.

Kevin spoke with Memphis privately to see where he stands with the eviction. Memphis told Kevin that he should be safe this week and after Day’s POV speech, no many houseguests will be voting to keep her inside the Big Brother house.

Big Brother All-Stars Kevin & Day

Day and Kevin spoke again about David flipping the vote last week, and Kevin just can’t swallow the idea that he really did that. He thinks it was Nicole. Day decided to confront Nicole again, and once again, Nicole denied flipping her vote (which she did). Nicole spoke in the diary room about what a horrible situation that vote flip put her in and how she doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

Week Seven Alliance Update

Memphis approached Enzo Palumbo about creating two different final three alliances with him. Memphis feels as if he can beat Enzo when it comes to a jury vote. Enzo is not part of the house majority alliance, the Committee. Enzo is already in a final two deal with Memphis. Memphis also has a final two deal with Christmas and Cody Calafiore.

Memphis and Enzo approached Cody and offered him a final three deal that he accepted, and they named their group the Wise Guys. Next, Enzo and Memphis approached Christmas and created the exact same final three deal with her and called it…the Wise Guys. Memphis must think this will somehow protect him by keeping the name the same.

Christmas hatched a plan with Memphis to pull David over to their side and have him target Dani and Nicole for them. They know shots will have to be fired at their own alliance soon, and why not have someone else take those shots and save blood from their hands? Christmas spoke to David and promised him safety for the next two weeks as long as he targets Nicole and Dani. David was thrilled to comply, especially when he finally had someone that believed he was not the vote flipper, and it was Nicole all along.

Week Seven Live Eviction

Tyler Votes to Evict Day
Enzo Votes to Evict Day
Nicole Votes to Evict Kevin
David Votes to Evict Day
Cody Votes to Evict Day
Dani Votes to Evict Kevin
Christmas Votes to Evict Day

By a final vote of 5-2, Day is evicted from the Big Brother house. During her interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Day said she was glad to be out of the house. She admitted that she was just sick of those people and being fake. She felt like Kevin was kept over her because Kevin can be puppeted while she cannot be.

Day heard her goodbye messages from the houseguests. She was shocked to hear Nicole had betrayed her by lying about David vote flip situation. She had told Nicole that she didn’t want to bash David as a black man if he in fact did not flip the vote. Nicole swore to her that it was him that flipped, and that has really upset Day. That could hurt Nicole as Day is a strong-willed and loud member of the jury now.

Week Eight Surprise Twist

Season 2 Big Brother winner, Dr. Will Kirby, appeared with an important message for the All-Stars. He is their new next door neighbor. He bought the house next door and wants to put his own spin on the game. He told them to remember his life motto, money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you stuff. For the next HOH and POV competitions, the houseguests will have the choice to go for power or prizes. Which will they choose?

Big Brother All-Stars Dr. Kirby

Tune in Sunday, September 27 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST to find out about this new twist inside the Big Brother house.


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