(VIDEO & PHOTOS) Big Brother 12 House Tour with Julie Chen

This season, the Big Brother 12 house is decorated in a South Beach-inspired Art Deco theme CBS affectionaly calls “Playground by the Shore.” The Big Brother house is accented with palm tree groves and walls of glass, with the exterior of the house made out like something from Miami’s Ocean Avenue.

Big Brother House Tour with Julie Chen
Big Brother House Tour with Julie Chen

The Art Deco theme continues in the living room with ultra-modern furniture, white accents, glass tables and glass along the walls.  The Palm Bedroom features crisp white beds and neon green linens and pays homage to vintage Miami. The Sunset Bedroom, located in the rear of the house, is a glow of warm orange and bronze-hued décor where the walls are lined with curved glass blocks that were custom built for the Big Brother house.

Once again this season, Houseguests on the losing side of select competitions will be banished to the “Have Not Room,” where luxury and comfort are non-existent.

Source: CBS Press Release

Watch a tour of the Big Brother 12 house with Julie Chen below:

After the jump check out some photos of the house!

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