Big Brother 18: Showmances Getting Steamy In Week 5!

The showmances have gotten very interesting in the Big Brother 18 house recently! Last week, things got steamy as Corey and Nicole seemed to up their intimacy level. Fans are starting to wonder; do we have another Liz and Austin among us?


Almost every night last week, questionable movements could be seen occurring under the bed sheets. To be more specific, certain types of movements while their arms were under there. Not everyone is entirely certain what went on, but it’s done enough to cause fans to speculate.

But some fans are not so certain anything went on. Corey has yet to kiss Nicole but seems to really want to. Most of the dodging on this move is coming from Nicole though, as she seems to want to wait for that stage to proceed. This might come from some insecurity Nicole has faced while in the house. Numerous times on the feeds, Nicole has confided in Zakiyah to express how insecure she feels around Corey.

Nicole: “Let’s be honest, I am not even close to being cute enough for him.”

Zakiyah: “Girl!”

Nicole: “No—Zakiyah, let’s be honest for a second.”

Zakiyah: “No, no, no, no, you’re not giving yourself enough credit!”

Nicole: It doesn’t matter. You can’t put that (Corey) with this. (Herself)

Zakiyah: Nicole, I’m about to shake you!

Nicole and Corey may or may have not done anything R rated, but they certainly still cuddle each every night.


Meanwhile in another part of the house, there was trouble in paradise for Zakiyah and Paulie. The two had a huge argument that lead to some awkward tension. During a discussion, Zakiyah ranted about how most of the athletes get to goof off but still somehow maintain good grades just because they’re good at sports.

Being an athlete himself, Paulie did not take kindly to her rant and blew up on. In his argument, Paulie told Zakiyah that was not the case for him or any other athletes at his college. Paulie claimed that when he was in school, he worked hard for every A he made, and there was no cushy ride to help him achieve his grades.


Zakiyah seemed taken aback by his anger, not expecting him to get so riled up, but he did. Early that morning after separating from her, Paulie confided in Paul and Corey over their argument. Paulie was still really heated and even pitched the idea of putting up Da’Vonne and Zakiyah next week if one of them won HOH. Paulie expressed that he was tired of protecting Zakiyah and was done with her.

2016-07-26_10-26-04Many fans online were shocked at how upset this argument had made Paulie and were stunned that he was willing to ditch her so quickly. With both of them sticking to their original arguments, the two ended up not sleeping together for the night. Zakiyah ended up sleeping with Michelle, and Paulie ended up sleeping with Paul. Later the next day in the Safari room, the two were told to make up by Corey, Nicole, and Michelle and eventually hugged it out. Everything seems to be smoothed over now.

Lastly, James and Natalie’s showmance is still going strong. With James now as HOH, things are still well for the two. Natalie and James shared their first kiss after Natalie promised she’d give him one if he won Head of Household. With his success, James won and the two smooched on Sunday night’s episode. Jatalie is still inseparable, sleeping together, strategizing, cuddle, cooking, and laughing all while continuing to open up to each other. You can’t help but love these two!