This week has been an adventurous week in the Big Brother books. Thursday night we said goodbye to houseguest Tiffany Rousso. Friday marked a special episode with the Big Brother ‘Battle Back’ competition. The first five houseguests evicted battled it out for a chance to re-enter the house once again. Victor Arroyo became the reigning champ and host Julie Chen soon chimed in to the house to announce the twist to the rest of the players.

Victor Arroyo enters the House on the Special Battle Back Episode on Big Brother, July 22. BIG BROTHER airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT); and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

As Victor re-entered the house, several HG’s became a little concerned. As planned before, if an evicted HG ever re-entered the house, they would need to work together and get said person back out of the house. Frank decided to try an get Victor on his side of the house and let him know that he was not a target for him and that it would be nice to work together.

Paul walked in on the conversation and was not very thrilled but let it play out. Paul decided to pull a small meeting with Paulie and let him know that he planned to speak with Victor about how things have changed in the house since he had left and that he wanted Paulie to know that he would make sure Victor would not target him even though Paulie is the one who got Victor evicted. Paul tells Paulie that Victor would trust him over any one else in this house.

It was finally time for the Head of Household competition featuring The Electric BB Festival. The houseguests competed in a challenge titled “Watch Your Dubstep”. Each HG would put on a wristband, throw their hand in the air and keep it there because each wristband is attached to an electric BB bit above them. If they were to drop their hand low, it would trigger the bit to open showering them with confetti and ending the Hg’s party. To make sure that each HG was dancing at the party, the light bars at each HG’s feet would move back and forth. The last HG dancing with their hand in the air would be the new HOH.

Paul was the first to go down, Nicole was the second to be eliminated, Zakiyah was the third to be go out, Corey was the fourth, Victor was was next, Frank was the sixth to fail, and Natalie was the seventh. After almost 6 hours into the Head of Household competition, Bridgette was very tired but did not want to let go because Da’Vonne was still in the comp.


Frank decided to ask Da’Vonne what she would want by trying to make a deal with her so that she would let go and either Bridgette or James would win. Da’Vonne refused to do so because all she wanted was safety and she could not trust Bridgette with that. Frank decided to tell Da’vonne that Nicole told him Da’vonne wanted Frank out before Victor. Da’vonne decided to confront Nicole while still battling the HOH and Nicole told Da’vonne that Frank was lying about that. Bridgette and Da’Vonne agreed that they would throw the HOH to James. Bridgette is eliminated followed by Da’Vonne, leaving James the new HOH this week.

Although James won HOH this week, he had told Frank and Bridgette that he would not put them up but the rest of the house wants James to make the move and put Bridgette and Frank up this week. James had to make the choice to either have blood on his hands from breaking his promise to Bridgette and Frank, or blood on his hands from the rest of the house from not sticking to the plan.

James announced that is was time for the nomination ceremony. As most would have already guessed, James decided to nominate Bridgette and Frank. James stated that he nominated Frank because he has always been in the middle of all the drama and madness in the house the last few weeks and he had chosen Bridgette because she was a strong competitor but James informed her that he hoped she would make her way off the block. James said that even though he felt terrible about breaking his promise to them, you either go big or go home and this is his week to do what had needed to be done.


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