Big Brother Spoilers: Full Season 18 Cast Revealed!

The entire Big Brother 18 cast has finally been revealed, including those four mystery houseguests we’ve been hearing about forever! Although we learned who the twelve new cast members are last week, the names of the veterans returning this season were not released until the Big Brother 2016 premiere episode on Wednesday night.


Rumors have been flying for quite a while that there would be veteran players returning to the Big Brother house for season 18. The names of the former houseguests reportedly returning changed from week to week over the past month, although the allegedly ‘confirmed’ identities of four returnees were relatively consistent the last week before the premiere.’

According to the most recent alleged Big Brother spoilers, the veterans coming back this year were supposed to be  Da’vonne Rogers (Season 17), James Huling (Season 17), Nicole Franzel (Season 16) and Frank Eudy (Season 14). However, their role on the show was totally unknown. While it seemed rather certain from some things said by executive producer Allison Grodner in various interviews that we would not be having another ‘coaches’ season, the uneven number between newbies and vets seemed very odd.

On the Big Brother premiere tonight, our questions about the four mystery houseguests were finally answered at last. Looks like the latest spoilers were indeed true. The returnees will not be coaches, they will be competing for the half million dollar prize just like the rest of the new houseguests: Paul Abrahamian, Paulie Calafiore (Cody Calafiore’s brother), Corey Brooks, Jozea Flores, Glenn Garcia, Michelle Meyer, Zakiyah Everette, Natalie Negrotti, Victor Arroyo, Bronte D’Acquisto, Tiffany Rousso (Vanessa Rousso’s sister), and Bridgette Dunning. (Check out detailed profiles with backgrounds, photos, videos, social media, and more on our Big Brother 18 cast page.)

And the first returnee is revealed when she pops out of a luggage trunk! One of the returnee rumors has indeed been confirmed, it’s Nicole Franzel (Season 16). Next secret houseguest revealed is James Huling (Season 17), who was another of the rumored returnees this summer. He says he’s all business this season and he’s in it to win it. Third houseguest is Da’vonne Rogers (Season 17), who was also one of the spoiler rumor HGs returning. The last returning houseguest is Frank Eudy (Season 14), and that completes the set of houseguests that were ‘confirmed’ as coming back in recent Big Brother spoilers.

Big Brother host Julie Chen tells the returnees that they were the first twist of the night. She says your summer vacation is only as good as your travel companions. So this season, they will be playing in teams of four! The veteran houseguests will each be on a different team competing against each other.

Now that you know who the final four houseguests are that will be competing for the half million dollars, get the scoop on what happened during the first night of the Big Brother 18 premiere in our full recap of the show!


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