When Will We Meet The Big Brother Over The Top Cast?

Big Brother 18 ended less than a week ago. So it feels a little strange to know that an entirely new season starts in just a few days. This season promises to be one of the most exciting ones yet. We get to see the Big Brother game played in an entirely new way.

The Big Brother 2016 cast has been revealed!

The feeds have never been as important as they are for Big Brother Over the Top. For the first time ever, we know when to expect Live Feed competitions. Yay, no more waiting all day for the Veto competition. If any big fights occur after nominations, we’ll be right there to see it. The most frustrating, or possibly best part of it all is that we control the final outcome of the season.

The best part of Big Brother Over The Top is that this is CBS’s first attempt at this format. We get to witness the show we all love in a new way. If it succeeds, we get to relish how we saw it all unfold. If it fails, we still get to enjoy the ride of the train wreck.

CBS All Access started the exclusives by only letting All Access viewers vote on who they would like to see return between Jozea Flores and Jason Roy. Either Jason or Jozea becomes the 13th and final member of the Big Brother Over the Top houseguest.

We meet the remaining 12 new houseguests tomorrow (9/26/16) on the Big Brother Over the Top Live Feeds at 10PST/1PM EST.

Expect full Big Brother Over The Top coverage here all fall.

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