Big Brother 18 Eviction Recap: Backdoored and Blindsided! 8/4/2016

We have a tense night ahead on the Big Brother 18 eviction results show! While Paul Abrahamian may have been the Head of Household over the past week, it’s really been his PP ‘Friendship’ ally Paulie Calafiore running the show. You know, kind of like veteran Frank Eudy was pulling all the strings when his ‘Cabbage Patch Doll’ Bridgette Dunning was HoH?


Speaking of Bridgette, she was the original target for the week when Paul won Head of Household. However, his buddy Paulie was far more interested in getting out someone he saw as a far bigger threat, veteran Da’Vonne Rogers. So he pushed Paul and his other allies into putting together a backdoor plan to get Da’Vonne on the block and out the door this week.

Volunteering to go up as a pawn against Bridgette for the Power of Veto Competition, Paulie was personally responsible for making sure his backdoor plan came to fruition. He handily managed to win the PoV, which Da’Vonne was not picked to play in, and then used it to save himself from the block. As he has promised to do at the will of the ‘house’, Paul then put up Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee — while still assuring her that she was totally safe this week and Bridgette was the real target.

Da’Vonne is not stupid, however, and she’s been getting quite suspicious about somehow ending up on the block this week when her supposed ‘allies’ are in charge of the house. Meanwhile, Bridgette is still terrified that everyone is lying to her and she’ll actually be the one headed out the door tonight.

So there is plenty of drama going on all over the house leading up to the live eviction and Head of Household Competition tonight. Plus, of course, we also have the possible Round Trip ticket that could come into play if the evicted player happens to have that in their pocket!


Host Julie Chen is looking very fetching in her little flower dress tonight. Interesting that Bridgette is all dolled up, but Da’Vonne is hanging out in sportswear. Either she doesn’t think she’s going to be evicted, or she doesn’t feel like she needs to be dressing up for her exit interview like folks normally do.

Paulie tells Bridgette that the only people who are going to vote against her are probably Michelle and Zakiyah. She’s starting to feel a little taste of revenge and justice with Da’Vonne now in the crosshairs. She tells Paulie it’s hard not to smile all the time, but she has to keep acting like the victim in the house, of course.


Da’Vonne confronts Paul about putting her up because if they were so close, why did he put her up when he could have put up Nicole or Natalie. He keeps telling her that he put her up because he could trust her not to freak out and that unless everyone is lying to his face, Bridgette is going out this week. Of course, he’s covering his bases in case Da’Vonne should get evicted and then have the Round Trip ticket to get back in the house.

However, Da’Vonne says in Diary Room that she knows Paul is full of it and she wants to know what the Plan B is. She needs to make sure she has enough votes to stay this week.


We flip to Corey and Nicole in the hammock and she is not feeling well (we don’t see on the show that this is after everyone has been drinking). Corey gets up to get her something for her stomach and she promptly falls on her head out of the hammock.

Da’Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah and Natalie count votes in the bathroom. Da’Vonne is wanting to know how Natalie is voting. In Diary Room, Natalie says she isn’t sure what she’s going to be doing this week.


Then we have James, Nicole, Corey and Paul talking about the votes. James says he doesn’t want Da’Vonne going out with no votes. They tell him she will have two votes and he doesn’t need to be throwing any votes toward her.

Da’Vonne comes in while they are talking about the Double Eviction and James slips up by saying they could put up Bridgette as one of the two people. Oops! That would mean Bridgette would still be in the house for the Double Eviction, which means Da’Vonne would be gone. James tries to backpedal, but now Da’Vonne is feeling very, very suspicious. Especially with Nicole having that “dumbass look” on her face that means somebody’s plotting.

Later, Da’Vonne corners James and Natalie and starts talking about how people are starting to freak out and the information is going to start leaking out. She says the two of them better have her back come Thursday. She counts votes and says she has a fighting chance, but if Natalie doesn’t vote to keep her, she could be in trouble. So she’s laying a heavy weight on her.


James steps in and says he wants to talk to Paul and find out if there is anything going on. He’s talking in circles and basically doing a very bad job. Now Da’Vonne is even more sure there is something going on behind her back. She says she hopes James would not turn on her and vote her out.

James is upset because Da’Vonne is his “girl” and he doesn’t know what to do. He talks to Natalie about Da’Vonne being on a sinking ship out the door. The whole house wants him to vote her out, but he thinks he could save her. That would leave a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and reveal his cards though. Natalie says she will follow his lead, whatever he does.

We skip showing a whole lot of awesome drama from the Big Brother Live Feeds with a fluff bit about Paul’s family, especially his mom because he’s such a “momma’s boy”. She says Paul is not really a ‘tough guy’ he’s a real ‘sweetheart’ really. Paul’s mom and dad talk about how Paul and Paulie are starting to look like “twinsies” and they think P&P will end up as the final two.

Oh and it’s looking like Paul’s family is doing mighty well for themselves… he’s not hurting in the financial support department, which is probably why he can run his own clothing line and date Disney actresses.


Now it’s time to get to the live eviction vote. They both give their brief eviction statements. Bridgette talks about how she’s on the block because she decided to partner up with Frank the Tank Eudy and she’s proven she’s loyal and would really like to stay. Da’Vonne says she was told she was put up as a pawn and hopes that will prove to be true when everyone goes to vote. Plus she gives a lot of shoutouts to God and her family.

Time for the vote!


Live Eviction Results

  • Michelle votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Paulie votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Nicole votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Natalie votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Corey votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • James votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Victor votes to evict: Da’Vonne

Da’Vonne has been evicted! She hugs Victor and whispers to him that they are going to ‘take him out in the Double Eviction’, hugs Zakiyah and James, but that’s pretty much it. Then she leaves the house, grabbing her Secret Room ticket from her bag before she goes to sit down with Julie. Time to find out if Momma Day will be heading back into the house, or be the first person off to Jury.


Julie Chen opens Da’Vonne’s envelope and shows the houseguests that it contains… a One Way Ticket. She will not be going back into the house.

Da’Vonne says she kind of knew people were plotting when Paul put her up instead of Nicole. The only people she really kind of trusted was James and Zakiyah. She says that maybe being fixated on getting Frank out might have put the blinders on her. She says the veterans were supposed to stay together. She thinks Nicole may end up going far, but James needs to watch out.

The goodbye messages are all pretty nice, and Da’Vonne cries over Zakiyah, saying she loves her and she’s a friend for life. Paul pretty much kind of comes across like he totally had no idea what the other houseguests were doing in getting her out. Making sure she doesn’t hate on him as a Jury member! Nicole says Da’Vonne was just too much of a threat. James said he is sorry but he had to go with the house and not tip his cards at this point.

Now it’s time for the Head of Household Competition. Looks like it may be another endurance competition, and with only ten minutes left in the show… we are probably not going to find out the winner before the challenge ends.


This competition is called “Harsh Hashtags” and it’s the classic Big Brother endurance competition of standing or squatting on tiny disks suspended from ropes above the ground. They will be spun around and whacked into a large sign with a #USuck hashtag on it. The first three houseguests to fall off will be Have-Nots for the week.

The competition is still ongoing and everyone is in as the show ends, and creepy ‘Internet Trolls’ have been released into the backyard to smack people with “USuck hashtags”. Before we go, Julie confirms that next week will be the Double Eviction — unless, of course, one of the evicted players has the Round Trip ticket.

We’ll be switching over to the Big Brother Live Feeds to bring you the spoilers in our HoH Competition recap as the endurance challenge continues, so be sure to hop over there if you want to know who wins!


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