Big Brother Over the Top Recap: Final Live Weekly Show 11/29/2016

After 63 days or 9 weeks, here we are Big Brother Over the Top fans, the end of the season for the 19th time of our favorite reality guilty pleasure.  Tonight we will find out who Jason will be taking with him to the final 3.  In addition, the remaining two HGs will be battling it out for their spot in the final three.

Big Brother Over the Top
Big Brother Over the Top

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the last weekly recap episode of Big Brother Over the Top.  We will share all of the live coverage with you.  

The weekly recap show starts with the final four sharing their feelings with us about their current position in the game.  An important message comes in from Julie.  She begins to share how the final three will be selected.  All four HGs will battle for the final HOH. The winner will be allowed to select another HG to bring to the final three with them.  The two losing HGs will battle against each other for the right to compete in the final three.  That competition will be a “do or die” situation”.

Morgan comes clean to the final group and explains that Alex was her sister.  She also revealed they did not know the other sister was going to be in the house until the entered the house and saw one another.  The HGs were surprised about the revelation as they did not suspect that Big Brother twist.

The final HOH competition begins.  The HGs must carefully place different colored balls, representing the weekly HOH winners throughout the season, on their playing board to win the competition.  This is no doubt the most important HOH of the season.


Similar competitions has been played in various ways throughout the Big Brother seasons.  Jason seems to be taking an early lead as his strategy is to start at the bottom and work his way to the top.  If the HGs did not study and remember the order of the HOH’s, then this competition will be next to impossible for the HG.

Jason won the final HOH competition.  Jason must now decide which of his two alliance members left he will take with him to the final three, Justin or Kryssie.  The easy choice for Jason would be to take Kryssie who is the weaker player.

Thanksgiving morning has arrived and the HGs all have received baskets from their families, and the baskets included a favorite recipe from back home for Thanksgiving dinner.  The HGs begin to cook their turkey dinner and all of them participate except the chef, Justin.  He didn’t help make anything for the Thanksgiving feast.


Justin joined the others at the table for Thanksgiving dinner only to get up and leave a few minutes later to go and eat alone on his own.  This didn’t sit well with Kryssie who erupted on Justin about his behavior.  Kryssie told him how selfish he was and how he didn’t care about her or the other HGs.  True…very true.

Jason is ready to make his official announcement about which HG he will be taking with him to the final three.  Jason makes the announcement and picks Kryssie.  Needless to say, Kryssie is very happy and appreciative.

The “do or die” competition is ready to begin between Justin and Morgan.  The winner makes it to the final three.  The comp is called the End of the Road.  The HGs must solve a puzzle by answering questions correctly about previous and current HGs.  They must first run through metal fencing, jump over hay bails and pick the correct HG’s picture to match the question.  The HG who completes the puzzle correctly first will win this final competition.


Justin is already starting to run out of breath trying to grab the correct HG photos and take them back to the game board.  Running through the metal fencing is taking a toll on him rather quickly.  Justin’s running through the fencing has already slowed to a brisk walk from a fast run with a lot of explicative comments shared with all of us.

Both Morgan and Justin are competing on separate courses next to one another at the same time.  While Justin is sweating like a beast and has slowed down tremendously, Morgan is plowing right along.

Morgan has finished the puzzle and has won her spot into the final three with Jason and Kryssie.  Justin has now been evicted from the Big Brother house.  Justin has said his goodbyes and the final three begin to celebrate with popping open some champagne.



Julie shares an important announcement with the group.  She first congratulates the final three of Big Brother Over the Top.  She instructs the HGs that they will have one final chance to influence America by giving a final speech. This special show will be aired tomorrow evening, Wednesday, November 30 at 7 PM ET/10 PM PT.  Julie reminds the HGs that this will be their final opportunity to influence America, and they should carefully consider what they say to America.

Jason, Morgan, or Kryssie…who do you want to see crowned as the Big Brother Over the Top winner?

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