Big Brother Over the Top: Who Will Win the Final Competition?

Last week, Jason Roy soared to victory and sealed his fate in the Big Brother Over the Top finale. He won part 1 of the final head of household competition. This competition also gave Jason the advantage of picking one of the players who would join him in the BBOTT finale. On Saturday, Jason picked Kryssie Ridolfi to join him in the Big Brother Over the Top final three.


Tonight, Morgan Willett and Justin Duncan face-off for that last spot in it. Prior Big Brother history and knowledge dictates that the final competition should combine physical and trivia. It will also probably be a timed event. This would give Morgan a big advantage. Morgan has been studying trivia all week. Justin has also performed badly in previous trivia competitions.

A physical competition could favor either of the Big Brother contestants.  Justin has placed very well in most physical competitions. Morgan also won two of the more physical contests.

In terms of winning statistics, they won almost the same number of competitions. Justin won one veto, while Morgan won one HoH and one veto. However, Justin usually performs pretty well in random competitions, such as finding ears of corn ones. We don’t expect a crapshoot competition, but you never know with Big Brother Over the Top.

Due to the possible element of trivia, we expect Morgan to beat Justin in this BBOTT final competition. Tune into Big Brother Over the Top at 8:00 PM ET/5: 00 PM PT to see who actually wins it.

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