Who Won the Last Big Brother Over the Top Comp Last Night 11/29/2016?

Only two more days left of Big Brother Over the Top. Kryssie Ridolfi and Jason Roy have already advanced to the BBOTT finals. Morgan Willett and Justin Duncan had one more competition left before they won or lost their place in the Big Brother Over the Top house.


For the last week, Big Brother Over the Top fans have gathered around supporting Morgan or Justin. The two (usually divided) fandoms have also reached a peace treaty. They have agreed to vote for whoever survived tonight’s final competition.

Prior to the competition, we predicted that Morgan would win it, and join Kryssie and Jason in the finals…so was our prediction, correct? Find out by reading all about it below.

The ‘End of the Road,’ final head of household competition involved Morgan and Justin running through an obstacle course to get to a puzzle. The puzzle asked various questions about all the evicted houseguests. Each player had to carry a picture of an evicted houseguest back and forth through the course to the puzzle.  The players to solved their puzzle first won the last competition. They advanced to the final 3.

Both players hustled and finished the competition in less than 15 minutes. Morgan was announced the winner. She will face off against Jason and Kryssie on Thursday’s live BBOTT finale.

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