Big Brother Over the Top: Who Gave the Best Final Speech? (POLL)

There are less than 24-hours before Julie Chen reads the name of the Big Brother Over the Top winner.  Jason Roy, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Morgan Willett have spent 65 long days in the BBOTT house. Now one of them will finally see their hard work pay off in the form of a $250,000 check.


Last night, Morgan won the final Big Brother Over the Top competition of the season. She beat Justin Duncan to advance to the final three. The final BBOTT week continued tonight with final pleas.

Each houseguest had a few minutes to make last minute pleas to America. They talked about their game, other’s game, and why ultimately their game was the best one. None of the three speeches were realy thrilling or exciting to watch.

They basically all repeated things that we have heard before from them. Kryssie talked about just how much she puppet mastered the game. Jason talked about his vast knowledge of Big Brother, and how his wins and game moves kept him from leaving the house. Morgan talked about how the twist hurt her game more than helped it.

She also discussed how being seen as a weak player was part of her strategy.  Accross the board, we would grade all of their speeches with a C+/B- average. Shockingly, Kryssie gave the best speech. Unfortunately, most of her speech claims were completely delusional nonsense. If her claims were actually factual, she may have won a regular season of Big Brother.

Morgan speech was one of the more weaker ones because it lacked focus. Jason gave the best overall speech, but it definitely wouldn’t rank anywhere near best final speech or best Big Brother speech in general.

The only thing that gave him an edge with his speech is that he made points that could be backed up with supporting evidence, and he also addressed why he deserved to win more than the other two players.

Now that you have heard the final speeches, who do you think gave the best one? Vote in our poll below.

Who Gave the Best Speech?


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