Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers: Wednesday Report – 7/2/2014

We have some wild antics in our Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers to share with you today. Let’s just say that more than one Big Brother 16 cast member is starting to come across as just a little bit nuts. Or maybe a lot nuts. Seriously, it’s only week one and some of the Big Brother 2014 Houseguests already seem to have hopped aboard the crazy train.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Before we get started on our Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds for Wednesday, let’s briefly recap a few of the more wacky and important moments from the house on Tuesday. In particular, the randomly weird emergence of Big Brother 2014 cast member Joey Van Pelt‘s alter-ego, Alex.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned!

In case you missed it, Joey Van Pelt — desperate not to be evicted — went totally off the wall yesterday afternoon (starting around 4PM BBT) when she pulled out her scruffy, angry alter-ego Alex. Joey dressed up like a guy, gave herself a fake beard shadow, stuffed her pants to make it look like she had giant balls, and then went on a fake rampage. We really don’t know what she was thinking because she left the other Houseguests feeling more scared than supportive afterwards.

Speaking of delusional Big Brother 16 cast members, we had Caleb still unable to avoid talking about lust-object Amber in just about every conversation. At least he finally seems to get that she really isn’t interested. Maybe. Now that he’s been rejected, he is as hot to get her out of the house as he was to jump her bones.

In other news, Cody, Zach, and Derrick have bonded into a solid Final 3 deal. We still think Zach is firm with his Final 2 with Frankie, but it’s hard to read how much of his relationship with Frankie is real, and how much is faked for his own game play.

We had a bit of back and forth from all around about who wants whom out next after Joey, but it seems obvious that this week’s eviction, at least, is all but over with. Joey is very upset that she’s going to be headed out the door on Thursday night unless a huge miracle happens.

Now, let’s dive in to our Tuesday Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers report and catch up with the Houseguests before the CBS Big Brother Power of Veto episode tonight!

12:00 AM: Most of the Houseguests hang out in the living room for a very silly talent show. Joey once again attempts to amuse people to gain their support, but we think she’s pretty lame at it. Jocasta and Brittany chat randomly in the backyard.

12:10 AM – We can’t believe it, but Caleb actually thinks Amber maybe does still like him despite all he heard about how she doesn’t. Cody tells him that she is just using him. Caleb says they should plan to get her out after some other bigger threats. He is going to ignore Amber for now.

12:15 AM – Caleb tells Hayden, Frankie, and Cody that if Amber would apologize to him for what she said about him behind his back, he would accept it and they could even work together again.

12:25 AM – Cody and Frankie are worried that Devin may expose The Bomb Squad. They are wondering when they should get rid of him and think maybe they should wait for a double eviction. Christine comes up and then they are talking about princes and princesses. Weird cast.

12:50 AM – Hayden and Zach play pool. They talk about who would put up whom if they won HoH. Zach says he would put up Victoria and Brittany. Hayden says he would put up Jocasta and Britany. Zach says Devin is a bully.

2:15 AM – Frankie and Caleb are in the Head of Household bed talking. Caleb is still obsessing over Amber. He talks about how everyone thinks he is amazing and sweet. Caleb is pissed as hell that Amber would talk behind his back and then call him sweetheart to his face. Frankie tells Caleb he just needs to wait until Thursday to see who is in power. Meanwhile, Victoria and Derrick talk and she is wants to shove her heel down Devin’s throat. She really, really wants him out as soon as possible.

2:20 AM: Amber and Paola talk about how Caleb is sad. Pao-Pao tells Amber to ask him about it in a day or two.

2:40 AM – Zach, Cody, and Hayden think the vote will be unanimous to evict Joey. Zach thinks Devin is bipolar and Hayden thinks he is emotionally unstable. Cody regrets volunteering to be a Have-Not.

4:00 AM – All the Houseguests are asleep.

9:30 AM – Big Brother wakes the Houseguests

10:20 AM – Most of the Houseguests are now up and about. Some of them are by the pool, Donny is talking to Hayden at the hammock. Nothing really interesting going on.

10:30 AM – Brittany talks about the poem Hayden wrote for her about being a mom and having nice boobs.

11:10 ET – Frankie skirts around questions about his family from Nicole, especially when she asks about his sister and what she looks like, who she is, etc.

12:05 PM – Houseguests in the kitchen say it is Day 14 in the house from when the first set moved in.

12:10 PM – Brittany and Victoria talk game and speculate about the upcoming Head of Household Competition and what kind of challenge it will be. Donnie and Jocasta are also talking game separately. Donny thinks he will be nominated again in week two.  They talk about there being a core group of younger Houseguests who are working with each other and they are outsiders.

12:25 PM – Cody and Frankie hug and then Cody blows into Frankie’s mic. Frankie teases that he had almost forgotten what it is like to “get blown.”

12:30 PM – Joey wonders if she will be home by the fourth of July.  Brittany says probably not because there will be exit interviews.

12:35 PM – Nicole tells Christine about talking to Caleb and how he thinks maybe Amber was rude to him because she was on her period. Really Caleb?

12:40 PM – Nicole tells Cody he is so good looking he needs to be an actor after Big Brother. He awkwardly tells her to stop because he is getting embarrassed. Nicole says people are going to think she is a psycho.

1:20 PM – Cody says he was asked to do some kind of crazy fetish thing for some dude for a LOT of money. He says it was along the lines of a golden shower kind of thing. Cody says he did not do it but it is crazy how much money people will pay for that stuff.

1:30 PM – Frankie gives Devin a beauty facial. Apparently all the guys in this house couldn’t care less about Frankie putting their hands anywhere on them he can get them.

1:45 PM – Brittany tells Joey that if she knew she was going home, she would reveal everything she knew about everyone else in the house.

2:00 PM – Frankie tells Caleb his sister is in Los Angeles and Caleb wants to know if she will come to the live show. Frankie keeps dribbling out information about his sister so much, we are amazed the whole house hasn’t guessed who she is yet. Frankie tells Caleb he is going to dominate all the competitions. Meanwhile, a bunch of the other HGs shoot the sh*t out in the backyard.

2:10 PM – Joey deludes herself by thinking there is some possibility she won’t go home this week. (As it stands, we don’t think she will get a single vote to keep her.)

2:20 PM – Victoria and Amber feel Joey has about as much chance to stay as we do and are kind of making fun of her behind her back.

2:25 PM – Joey continues to campaign and tell people not to be afraid to vote against Caleb’s wishes or he will take over the game. Houseguests are put on interior lockdown. They start to wonder if tomorrow will be an endurance competition because of the lockdown.

2:35 PM – Amber tells Derrick that she thinks Caleb and Devin are plotting against her. Derrick says that he has her back. He tells her that she just needs to be honest with Caleb that she is not interested in him. Amber says Caleb and Devin are both ignoring her. Derrick tells her he thinks Caleb is just embarrassed and hurt and not to worry about it.

3:00 PM – All the Houseguests are forced outside for an outdoor lockdown, which should hopefully clue them in that there won’t be an endurance competition.

3:30 PM – Amber talks to Christine and Frankie and says she thinks people in The Bomb Squad alliance have been acting strange. Frankie tells her not to worry and that everyone is solid and “down with the plan.” Amber says Devin has been avoiding her. Frankie and Christine continue to true to reassure her that everything is fine.

3:35 PM – Hayden reads more of his ‘poems’ to the Houseguests in a girly voice, provoking laughter and grins from the other Houseguests. This one is about Brittany’s side boob.

3:40 PM – Frankie and Zach hang in the hammock looking cozy. Frankie plays the ropes of the hammock like a guitar, earning a “stop that” from production. Frankie says Caleb wants to go on Survivor after he wins Big Brother. Zach considers throwing Zoey a vote just to confuse Devin and Caleb but he doesn’t want to mess things up. Zach says he will throw the HoH Competition unless it comes down to him and two other non-Bomb Squad members. Frankie agrees.

4:00 PM – Paola apparently slept through a call to the Diary Room and production let her get away with it. Meanwhile, Zach and Frankie continue to chat. Frankie says doing a facial on Devin was a waste of good product. Zach says Devin is OCD, bipolar, and ADHD. They talk about Devin talking Adderall, which Frankie calls legalized cocaine. (There was a lot of Adderall usage in the house last season too.) Frankie says all the girls are afraid of him.

4:40 PM – Caleb tells Cody he is waiting for Amber to apologize to him. Cody thinks Amber has been using Caleb to get ahead in the game. Caleb wonders if maybe Devin tried to make what Amber said about him sound worse than it really was. He think she always sits far away from him to try to make others think she doesn’t like him. Caleb thinks maybe deep down she really does like him and she’s just acting out because she’s pissed off at people making jokes.

5:35 PM – Zach tells Frankie he is going to makeout with Nicole at least once in the house. He also says he is going to shave off his mustache in a week or so.

5:58 PM – Christine asks Nicole if Cody tried to kiss her, would she go for it. She says she totally would. Frankie is like, because he’s the most beautiful person alive? Nicole says Zach is super nice and funny, but Frankie can have him.

6:40  PM: Zach confronts Victoria in the Hive room and says she hates him. She denies it. They are both trying to mine information from the other. It is kind of painful.

7:40 PM – Caleb tells Frankie that Devin only cares about himself.

8:20 PM – Zach talks to the cameras about how much he loathes Victoria and how he hopes to totally ruin her in the game. Wow. This got viscous really fast.

9:40 PM – Devin and Amber talk about Caleb and what’s going on with them. Amber is very upset and mad at Devin. He is kind of attacking her for messing with Caleb and talking behind his back but she says that is not what has been happening. Devin then goes and tells Caleb about his talk with Amber.

10:45 PM – Amber is crying. She is really upset about Devin, and Caleb, and all that crap. Amber, Jocasta, Paola, and Frankie talk in the bathroom about what to do about the mess.

10:55 PM – Amber tells Caleb that she has not lied to him and Devin is not a middle man in their conversation. She is angry at Devin and she wants to be good with Caleb. Amber kind of tells Caleb that Devin has not been truthful in what he has said to him about her. She pretty much implies that it was not true that she isn’t interested at all in Caleb and that Devin is making her seem like someone she is not.

11:00 PM – Two big events happen almost simultaneously. First we have Caleb and Amber trying to hash things out in the Hive Room. Caleb is reading so much into this conversation about maybe Amber really, eally does like him. Amber is not dissuading him all that much from this assumption, even though she has stated quite plainly all around that she is not.

Then we have Devin confessing to Donny about backstabbing him and then calling a House Meeting to announce his betrayal in front of everyone. Click here for the full spoilers on Devin’s big confession at the House Meeting he called late Wednesday night!

11:25 PM – Everyone is kind of in shock about Devin’s big confessional House Meeting. Frankie and Victoria are like, what just happened? Frankie says the whole house will be united against Devin now. Frankie and Zach meet in the storage room and they both think Devin is going to go home next.

We’ll bring you more awesome Live Feeds spoilers in our next report coming soon, stay tuned!

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