Big Brother Over the Top: 4 Things that We’d Change About BBOTT

Big Brother Over the Top had a lot of strengths. For example, we thought this was one of the most interesting cast in a long time. We also usually enjoy a divided Big Brother house, especially if one side does not steamroll another side. However, Big Brother Over the Top left a lot of room for improvement.


A Hollywood Reporter article confirmed that the fate of BBOTT is still unclear. Tomorrow, we might learn instantly if there will be more seasons of Big Brother Over the Top, or it might get left in limbo until the regular Big Brother season starts. Either way, we want to make a few suggestions on the key things that need fixing in a future Big Brother Over the Top season.

1. Start with a Free Month to CBS All-Access

Before Big Brother Over the Top started, CBS offered a free week of CBS All-Access. Last week, due to Black Friday deals, CBS offered a free month to new subscribers. We think that CBS should start future BBOTT seasons off by giving everyone a free month to All-Access. This will allow more people to sample the show before committing to it.

Additionally, a free month is plenty of time to get fans addicted, and ready to renew for the rest of the series. It might also get them interested in other CBS All-Access programming.

2. A More Organized Production Team

During a regular season of Big Brother, we miss all the production mishaps. Therefore, we have no problem seem some of productions’ errors. We know it happens to even the most well-oiled machine. However, we do take issues with random rule changes, and competitions that look like they were thrown together five seconds before they were played. Hopefully, CBS gives the Big Brother team a bigger budget for other BBOTT seasons, or they use some of regular Big Brother‘s budget on the webseries.

We don’t need extravagant competitions, but something more than finding hidden items throughout a corn maze.

3. All Vets or No Vet


Undeniably, Jason Roy had an advantage going into BBOTT. He has over 65,000 followers on Twitter, which gave him an exposure that none of the Big Brother Over the Top people even came close totouching. He came in with a massive fan support that just continued to fight for him at every angle.

He also had the backing of most Big Brother alumni, even some with really huge fanbases. It just wasn’t a fair fight for the newbies, especially with how much influence fans had on this season.

Therefore, if CBS plans to do another Big Brother Over the Top, they should not include any vets, or they should only include vets so that it’s more of a fair fight.

4. Less Fan Influence

We have never been a huge fan of fan votes, but Big Brother Over the Top made us hate them. We understand that what gave BBOTT its uniqueness was the fan voting. Therefore, it cannot completely disappear, but it needs a reduction.  Maybe take away America’s nominations, but let us keep our vote.

We also say keep the Care Package twist, but take away Have-Not voting. Here’s why: reestablishing the Have-Not competitions may stop the house divide. Some of the divided house tension could have been lessened by forcing sides to work together on more group tasks, such as Have-Not competitions.


Big Brother Over the Top was far from perfect, but it can become better. The first Big Brother season had a lot of issues, but Big Brother season 2 made it iconic. The same can happen for Big Brother Over the Top, just needs some adjustments.

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