Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Wednesday Live Feeds Report – 8/13/2014

Not much in the way of Big Brother spoilers as far as game goes on the Wednesday Live Feeds. As it stands right now, the eviction on Thursday night looks pretty much set. While there is always the off chance we might have another dramatic last minute vote flip, it’s not looking very likely at the moment.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Christine & Cody (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 cast – Christine & Cody (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

In our last Big Brother Live Feeds report, we left Nicole still trying to campaign for her life with the help of somewhat unlikely ally Zach. Derrick, however, was having none of it and quickly shut that whole thing down. Nicole kept poking at the open wound of her impending eviction, but all she got was a lot of nothing.

9:30 AM – As usual this season, production attempts to wake up the Houseguests with not a lot of success. Some of them move about for a bit and then some of them go right back to bed.

9:50 AM – Knowing her battle is probably done at this point, but still hoping, Nicole tells Donny she just wants to know for sure she is going home. She wants to be able to just enjoy her last day in the house without worrying about campaigning to stay. But she also tells him that she’s 100 percent sure that everyone wants her out.

She says Zach was telling her a bunch of stuff last night because he probably thinks he’s the next to go home. And then Derrick was yelling at him out in the backyard and she just gave up and went to bed. 10:40 AM – Christine, Frankie, and Derrick talk about the upcoming eviction and getting Nicole out.

10:20 AM – Derrick talks to Frankie about stuff that went on last night with Nicole. He says she told him that he is one of Donny’s targets. Frankie thinks there are a few weeks left before Donny would target them. Donny wanders by and asks how late people were up last night. Derrick says past 6AM and Donny thinks they are nuts. Donny leaves and Christine joins. They talk about how Zach is always doing whatever the last person he talked to wants him to do.

11:30 PM – Donny sits outside reading the Bible while everyone sleeps.

1:46 PM – Donny gives a shoutout to his girlfriend Christine on the cameras and says he loves her and misses her.

2:00 PM – Caleb and Donny are literally the only two Houseguests who are awake and they aren’t doing anything interesting. They just talk about random stuff involving Nicole’s eviction, whether or not Zing-Bot will show up, and when Victoria will get voted out. Donny thinks it would be sad if Victoria made it farther than one of them.

3:25 PM – Christine tells Frankie and Christine that Nicole is telling people she said Cody wanted Zach out. God, that was a mouthful. Caleb says it is stupid to lie about things that aren’t even important.

3:40 PM – Nicole pushes Zach about whether or not he did any good in talking to Derrick and Cody last night about evicting Donny instead of her. He plays avoido boy and says he has no clue and that they haven’t give him any answers. Nicole walks out muttering about how it sucks that people want her out so bad and how she shouldn’t even try anymore to stay.

4:00 PM – Derrick is mad about all the stuff last night with Zach and Nicole. He thinks it looked bad when Zach pulled him off to talk to Nicole and that Christine and Cody might think they were scheming about something. Victoria tells him that Nicole told her in week three he made an alliance with her that had a name and everything. She says Nicole also told her there was a five person named alliance with him in it. Derrick says this is why she is going home because she is saying all this stuff and lying about things. (Both of those things were actually true.) He calls Nicole the biggest liar in the house. He mocks Nicole for campaigning to stay and it’s not very nice.

4:15 PM – Derrick tells Victoria clearly that Nicole does not have enough votes to stay and she will go home. He calls Zach a f**king puppet. Victoria bugs him again asking about whether he was in a named alliance with Nicole, Cody, and Hayden. Derrick totally blows that off and keeps lying about Nicole making stuff up about (the very real Detonators and Rationale) alliances.

4:55 PM – Donny packs up his bags even though he doesn’t need to. Still, better safe than sorry later. Poor Amber is probably still regretting leaving those bunny slippers behind that Caleb keeps wearing.

5:00 PM – Not much happening in the house other than some people playing games. Nicole packs up her stuff.

5:30 PM – Derrick talks to Caleb about Zach pulling him off to talk to Nicole. He says Nicole has been going around lying about stuff. Derrick says he was pissed off at Zach for making him look bad by yanking him into a closed door meeting with Nicole. Frankie comes in. Derrick wants Donny out next but Nicole has to go now. He goes on more about how Nicole is such a liar, even though he was just lying through his teeth to Victoria.

5:50 PM – Nicole tells Caleb that she is not a liar like people are saying. She says all she did was tell information to the wrong people. Caleb says he doesn’t think she is a liar. Derrick comes in and they talk about Frankie’s big reveal about his sister and who he is. Derrick says he could feel the house rumbling with all the cameras covering it.

7:04 PM – Cody cuddling on Christine again. How do they both not see how weird they are with the snuggling and hugging even though she’s got a husband at home?

7:30 PM – Nicole tells Victoria that the six guys have an alliance together. Victoria says that would be funny considering how hard they were all trying to get out Frankie last week. Nicole says there is a final 5 deal and all the guys are working together. She says Christine might make final 5 but only because they want out Zach more.

Meanwhile, Christine tells Frankie that Nicole is so pissed she’s afraid she is going to start yelling at her. Frankie says Derrick is pissed off too about Nicole making up lies.

8:36 PM – Nicole tries on clothes for the eviction show tomorrow. Obviously she fully believes in her own eviction now because she’s trying on hot clothes.

9:10 PM – Derrick kind of violates the technical Big Brother rules a bit by directly telling Nicole she does not have the votes to stay and go home. (They aren’t really supposed to do that but they do it a lot anyway.) He says he got pissed last night at people (Zach) giving her false hope of staying.

9:20 PM – Still hoping against all hope, Nicole goes after Cody and Zach to find out if she at least has their votes. She wants to make sure she is dressed nice if she gets evicted and has to talk to Julie Chen. They tell her they can’t vote for her. Zach says he isn’t allowed to. Cody snuggles her on his lap. Nicole tells them they can use her and that Donny is dangerous with all his Veto wins. Zach says he is sorry and jokes he’ll see her in Jury in a week.

9:30 PM – Cody whines that he won’t have anyone to snuggle with after Nicole leaves. Zach and Caleb respond to that by saying he will still have Christine to cuddle since they do that a lot already. Cody says no they don’t and that wouldn’t be right because she is married. Which is ridiculous because the two of them are always touching each other and everyone is always talking about how weird it is. Caleb mocks Cody by demonstrating how he and Christine are all over each other and how they hug so tightly. Cody is irritated and denies that they do that.

9:55 PM – Nicole tells Donny that Frankie’s next two targets are him and Victoria. Donny says they all think they have final two deals, Christine and Frankie, Cody and Christine, Cody and Derrick. Nicole hopes Hayden gets to come back in teh game.

10:00 PM – Zach talks about Victoria maybe going on the block next but Derrick shuts that down pronto. Caleb wants to know why it would matter if Victoria went on the block. The guys seem a bit worried there that Derrick is so quick to defend Victoria.

10:20 PM – Nicole and Donny talk about how Cody and Christine are always touching and cuddling. Donny mocks Cody’s little boy voice and they diss Christine over her obnoxious laugh. They talk about how Victoria is going to be sad when she sees how Derrick has gone behind her back with his alliances. They agree that Derrick is very good at the game.

11:11 PM – Nicole screams like a banshee when she sees a ghost in the kitchen mirror. This is the start of a whole lot of ghostly antics in the house, which we bet is a lead up to the next Head of Household Competition. Ghosts and skeletons keep popping up in various mirrors.

11:25 PM – The Houseguests are put on indoor lockdown. They all go to the Fire bedroom and turn out the lights to see what happens. More ghosts start popping up in the mirrors and everyone is playing like they are scared. Frankie and Christine see some ghosts in the pantry mirrors as well.

11:52 PM – Frankie and Zach are cuddling again. But then Zach gets up and walks away. Donny hopes the weird ghosts won’t make noises and wake him up in the middle of the night.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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