After three exciting consecutive nights of Big Brother ending with the Battle Back competition champion crowned on Friday, tonight we will see if revenge can be oh so very sweet for the winner. After winning four rounds of challenges against the other previously evicted houseguests, Battle Back champion Victor Arroyo returned to the Big Brother 18.  The special Friday evening episode also revealed yet another summer twist to the HGs.


The summer of BB18 is full of twists and host Julie Chen has announced to the fans that clues are hidden throughout the BB house leading the HGs to a secret room. If a player discovers the clues and unlocks the secret room, that houseguest could possibly discover power that can change their fate in the BB house. Of course, there is a kicker. The secret room is only available to unlock within the next 4 weeks. After that, the HGs will not be able to potentially earn power to change their game.

Now that Victor is back in the house, who will he be going after, or who will he try to form alliances with especially considering the whispers from Tiffany Rousso? As Victor and Tiffany were exchanging pleasantries after the final round of play in the Battle Back competition, Tiffany made sure to tell Victor that he could trust Frank Eudy and NOT to trust Da’Vonne Rogers. As Victor finds his way back into the house and back into relationships with the HGs, it will be very interesting to see if he takes Tiffany’s suggestions to heart.


Victor was the third HG evicted from the house at the hands of Head of Household (HOH), Paulie Calafiore. In addition to having blood on his hands for evicting Victor, Paulie did so in the typical “back door” Big Brother way we all love. After Paulie won the Power of Veto (POV) during his first reign as HOH, he decided to take Paul Abrahamian off the Block for showing loyalty. He then nominated Victor to the Block as Paul’s replacement nominee which was a complete and total surprise to Victor. Paulie had planned this nomination and ultimately the eviction of Victor once he was crowned HOH. Paulie’s plan fell in to place perfectly during Victor’s last week in the house.

Now that Victor has returned, will he target Paulie for revenge? Will Victor try to align himself with Paulie and that side of the house as they seem to be the ones in control at the moment? Tonight, Head of Household is back up for grabs, and Victor can compete with the best of them. He is very athletic for physical and endurance comps, and he does have the smarts to win mentally challenging comps. Victor did win the Roadkill competition during week two that used HGs mathematical abilities for victory. Seeing a returnee win HOH on their first try back in the game would provide good drama to the already exciting summer.

Tonight should be action packed just as Julie promised us. A new Head of Household will be crowned, two new HGs will be nominated to the Block, and we will get to see if the players have caught on to the secret room in the house that promises game-changing potential.


In addition, we will get to see how the HGs reacted to having Victor back in the house, and we will see how Victor has aligned himself so far. Hopefully, Victor learned from his mistakes the first time around and the HGs aren’t planning on putting a huge target on his back right off the bat, but we can probably expect just that because this is…BIg Brother.

As a reminder, there will no longer be Roadkill competitions thus eliminating the third member secretly nominated to the Block. Also, the four teams that were chosen during the first episode have been disbanded and are no longer a part of the game.


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