Big Brother 18: The Chopping Block! – Week 6

Let me preface this by letting the world know that I’m going to try and channel my inner Paul Abrahamian for this round of The Chopping Block for Big Brother 18. Because friendship.

Big Brother-Paulie and Paul

With Paul as Head of Household, one would think the house would be full of friendship this week, but as Big Meech says, it’s been a bit of a sour week. PISSED.

Paulie Calafiore has teamed up with ya boy, Paul, to create PP. An alliance name that is sure to go down in Big Brother history (insert Paul’s cackle here). Now join ya girl to poke some fun at the ladies stuck on the chopping block, Bridgette Dunning and Da’Vonne Rogers.


Ya girl is real tired of Bridgette being on the block. We get it. There is little to no friendship for the girl now that Frank Eudy is gone. Either take her out of the game, or quit keeping her on the block. Not only am I out of pros and cons for her, but if she isn’t nominated production has no reason to acknowledge her existence in the house meaning we don’t have to listen to her voice. It’s a win for everyone. FRIENDSHIP!


Pros for evicting Bridgette

  • I can quit trying to come up with things to say about her.

Cons for evicting Bridgette

  • Kudos to anyone who can come up with a con for evicting her. I exhausted myself trying to come up with one. Pissed.


Lady needs to start wearing a chef hat around because all she does is stir that pot. Ya girl isn’t mad about it though. Always gives me a good laugh. Much friendship.


Pros for evicting Da’Vonne

  • Internet speculation believes that she has the Roundtrip Ticket. And I’m here for that storm of anti-friendship.
  • The female sass level in the house will drop drastically.

Cons for evicting Da’Vonne

  • The female sass level in the house will drop drastically. Double edged sword ya know?
  • I don’t care if you like her or not. The lady is a hoot and a half.
  • Production will try to make someone else their go-to for entertaining DR sessions, and I do not trust them with that responsibility.

We’ll see which of these ladies gets cut from friendship later today. Praying to the Big Brother gods The Chopping Block looks mighty different next week. They’re sending us a second helping of Big Brother fun this year, so it’s totally possible, right? No more friendship if it doesn’t happen. Just pissed.