Celebrity Big Brother 2: HOH or the Block for Lochte and Bennett 01/22/19 Recap

The premier of Celebrity Big Brother 2 did not disappoint.  Watching the celebs in the Celebrity Power Pair competition was quite delightful as they struggled to even begin the challenge.  In the end, power couple Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett reigned supreme and won the first competition, albeit together, of the season.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Jonathan Bennett

Both were quite shocked to learn after the competition that they would have to battle one another for the first Big Brother Head of Household title of the season.  Julie Chen did not disappoint when she announced that the loser of the Lochte/Bennett battle would become the first nominee to the block for eviction later this week. Tonight we will watch the one-on-one battle between the stars unfold and crown the first HOH of the season.

The Gameplay

When Julie announced to the Big Brother house the plans for the Lochte/Bennett showdown, minds were blown.  Of course, Jonathan was a bit leery of going up against a 12-time Olympic athlete in a head-to-head competition.  Jonathan immediately set out to get the numbers on his side in case of the worst case scenario, and he is sitting on the block for eviction.

Jonathan approached Ryan about forming a 7 person alliance so that both of them are safe this week.  As long as they have 5 other celebs on their side, neither of them has to worry about the eviction vote later.  Ryan is completely onboard with this strategy which put Jonathan to work putting the plan together.  The super group will consist of Jonathan, Ryan, Natalie Eva Marie, Joey Lawrence, Kandi Burruss, Lolo Jones, and Tamar Braxton.

The Super Group Alliance

As Lolo goes to Joey with Tamar to talk about the possible alliance, Joey tells them that he doesn’t believe in alliances.  Apparently, Joey is not familiar with Big Brother and how to play the game.  Jonathan receives the info and decides Joey is out and now they need to focus on selecting a new alliance member.  All I can say is “Whoa”.

CBBUS2 Ryan Lochte

After Ryan shows off his “merman” swimming skills to the group in the endless pool in the Big Brother backyard, it’s time to get back to business.  Not long in the game and the formation of the super group, a final four has emerged with Ryan, Jonathan, Natalie, and Lolo.  In addition, Lolo and Natalie have established their ride-or-die commitment to one another already.  An additional alliance developed of all the girls in the super group including Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, and Kandi.  Alliances are everywhere!

Head of Household Competition

The Blockbusters competition is underway for the first HOH between Jonathan and Ryan.  In this competition, the pair must sail across the backyard hanging onto a zip line and knock down the blocks on their sides which make up 2 billboards of each of them.  The first celebrity to knock down all of their blocks will win the first HOH of the season.

Ryan is off to an early lead and has most of his blocks knocked down after the first 2 runs.  Although Jonathan is trailing by a wide margin, he hasn’t given up on winning the competition.  Ryan is still destroying his competition and only has 2 blocks left to knock off before being crowned the HOH.  In short order, Jonathan has caught up to Ryan…this is anyone’s game.

HOH Blockbuster Event CBBUS2

With just one block remaining for Ryan, he soars through the air to knock down his final block.  Ryan Lochte is the first Head of Household of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 season.  This means that Jonathan is automatically nominated to the block for eviction.

In yet another surprise, Julie announces that Ryan must still nominate 2 celebs to the block to join Jonathan leaving a total of 3 nominees on the block for eviction this week.  To make matters worse for Ryan, he has just 30 minutes to nominate 2 houseguests to the block next to Jonathan.

Block Nominees

Ryan and Jonathan began talks about who will be nominated to the block.  Ryan mentions Dina Lohan but before he can offer another person to Jonathan for consideration, they are continually interrupted by other celebs walking into their bedroom.  Gotta love the Big Brother house.

While Ryan is floundering on who to nominate for eviction this week, another alliance is forming the house.  Of all people to form a group, Anthony Scaramucci, Tom Green, and Kato Kaelin have formed an alliance called the K-Train.  If this alliance is anything like these boys in the real world, controversy is sure to follow, but we will have to wait and see.

Ryan finally has a private conversation with Lol, Tamar, and Kandi.  He says he wants to put up Dina and Anthony up on the block next to Jonathan for eviction this week.  Due to his relationship with Dina’s daughter, Lindsey Lohan, Jonathan tries to protect Dina and talk her down from being nominated by Ryan.

At the first nominations ceremony of the season, HOH Ryan nominates Anthony.  Next, Ryan nominates Tom to the block.  So, the first block nominees are Tom, Anthony and Jonathan.  One of those 3 will be evicted from the Big Brother house at the live eviction later this week.

CBBUS2 Anthony Scaramucci, Jonathan Bennett, and Tom Green

Join us tomorrow night for the first Power of Veto competition at 8 PM/ 7 PM CST.

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