Celebrity Big Brother 2 Week 1 Head of Household Results

Last night’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 premiered. The episode introduced us to the 12 houseguests fighting for $250,000, and the winner title. We learned a little bit more about these quirky characters, like that Tamar Braxton eats grapes in awkward situations, Tom Green makes situations more awkward, and Ryan Lochte wins many awards and he’s counting them.

We also learned that Kandi Burruss is not an expert at transporting wine from a glass to another glass. The glass transporting was part of yesterday’s Head of Household competitions. Ten out of the twelve houseguests had to pair up to compete for the time. These pairs were:

Joey Lawrence and Ricky Williams

Dina Lohan and Anthony Scaramucci

Lolo Jones and Tom

Ryan and Jonathan Bennett

Kandi and Tamar

Natalie Eva Marie and Kato Kaelin weren’t picked, so they got to sit out of the competition. This automatically made them safe for the week. The competition took a bit of trial and error before Ryan and Jonathan started to take the lead, with Lolo and Tom not far behind them. It surprises no one that two Olympians were good at competitions. Jonathan and Ryan won it.

Then Julie Chen Moonves sat everyone down to reveal the first twist: Ryan and Jonathan had to go heard-to-head in another competition. The winner became Head of Household, and the loser would automatically become the first nomination. The second competition played out during it, along with the other nominations.

For this final part, Ryan and Jonathan had to zipline across the backyard to knock down two movie poster billboards. The person to do it the fastest won HoH.

Ryan did it the fastest and won Head of Household.

Julie then tells Ryan that he has 30 minutes to name two additional nominees along with Jonathan. He made a six person alliance with Lolo, Eva, Kandi, Jonathan, and Tamar, so they should all be safe. Joey was almost the seventh member, but he doesn’t believe in alliances. He might not be safe.

The women in the alliance wanted Ryan to nominate Dina. Jonathan wanted to protect her so suggested Ryan think about it more. He ended up nominating Anthony and Tom. The nominees for this week are Tom, Anthony, and Jonathan. Tomorrow them and Ryan along with two other players compete for Power of Veto.

We should know tonight when feeds come on who won PoV. We’ll keep you uodated.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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