Big Brother 18 Premiere Recap: More Twists, New Challenges!

The Big Brother 18 premiere has arrived at last! Time for all those rumors and alleged spoilers to be put behind us, and the new season to officially begin. We have a good feeling about the newbies of the Big Brother cast this year, and hope if there are indeed returning veterans as everyone suspects, they won’t disappoint.

2016 Big Brother 18 Cast 7

We have a full recap of the two-hour premiere episode right here, including the reveal of those four ‘mystery’ houseguests CBS keeps promoting in their commercials. The Big Brother 2016 premiere was going to be absolutely nuts, so strap in folks and get ready for a crazy ride!

Here we go! Say hello to season 18 of our favorite summer guilty pleasure! Time to here “But first!” three times a week for the next three months. Let’s give a warm hello to our hostess with the mostest, dame Julie Chen and her always entertaining wardrobe!

Big Brother 18 Premiere

Julie starts us off with a bang, telling us there will be four competitions, three twists, and an eviction all in our season 18 two-night premiere! Wow! Plus, she reveals that those four mystery houseguests are actually going to be secret stowaways hiding inside the house — now that little spoilers is totally new info, we were not expecting that!

Now we have the Houseguest introductions for the twelve newbies joining us this summer: Paul Abrahamian, Paulie Calafiore (Cody Calafiore’s brother), Corey Brooks, Jozea Flores, Glenn Garcia, Michelle Meyer, Zakiyah Everette, Natalie Negrotti, Victor Arroyo, Bronte D’Acquisto, Tiffany Rousso (Vanessa Rousso’s sister), and Bridgette Dunning.

 Big Brother 18 Cast Source: CBS/@RealityDorks
Big Brother 18 newbies. Source: CBS/@RealityDorks

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Some of the highlights from the houseguest intros: Bronte says she is a small package, but she’s a “force to be reckoned with.” Ex-cop Glenn says he’s from the school of hard knocks and that he used to take a bite out of crime, but now he takes a bit out of grime as a mobile dog groomer. Jozea says he’s “got soul, I’ve got talent, and I’ve got flavor. Michelle apparently doesn’t like “people who think they have a weight problem.” Tiffany says if she has to flirt with a guy, she’ll flirt with a guy, if she has to flirt with a girl, she’ll flirt with a girl.

Now it’s time for the Big Brother 18 cast to enter the house. Natalie, Victor, Michelle and Paul head on in first. Michelle is feeling Paul right away, except she thinks his beard is “kinda gross.” Victor thinks Natalie is a “sexy Latina” and says in a fake Latin accent that she may not know it, but she’s going to fall in love with his manly self. Paul just keeps running around the house like a crazy person.

Bronte, Zakiyah, Paulie, and Glenn are the next set into the house. Glenn crosses himself as he enters. Hugs all around. Paulie says Bronte sounds like she’s been sucking on helium balloons her whole life and his ears are hurting. Zakiyah thinks Paulie is looking pretty gorgeous.

Now we have Corey, Bridgette, Tiffany, and Jozea as the last players in the house. Bridgette says she’s such a huge fan her eyeballs are freaking out of her head. Tiffany says she’s just going to be absorbing as much info as possible, stalking her prey. She sounds a lot like her sister Vanessa. Bronte is feeling a lot of anxiety and makes weird noises in the Diary Room.

Watch the new season 18 players enter the Big Brother house!


Champagne in the living room and intros all around. Bronte says she works in childcare, but really in Diary Room she’s a crazed mathematician who wants to work for the CIA. (We also know she’s a wannabe actress/model who has even been in a Super Bowl commercial and looks VERY different than this mousie whiny girl in her modeling photos.) Paulie does not bring up that he is Cody’s brother, and says he has to use that information to his advantage. Natalie is crushing on Corey.

Weirdly, Corey kinds of thinks Victor is looking pretty hot too and sees him as showmance material. Does he mean for himself? LOL. Paulie thinks Paul is loud and obnoxious and those people usually go home first. Michelle says she’s a nutritionist and she can’t wait to cook for everyone. Glenn says he’s engaged and has a lovely 9-year-old daughter, and he’s 50-years-old himself. Jozea says 50 is NOT the new 20, despite what he says.


Tiffany says she’s not going to tell anyone at this point that she is Vanessa’s sister, but superfan Michelle has pretty much already figured it out. Mathematician Bronte says she knows something weird must be going on, because there is now way there are only 12 houseguests. Hostess Julie Chen says that the twists are come into play after the commercial break!

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